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Looking for a Game Similar to Point Blank? Try These 5 Games!

Point Blank was first released in 2008. Korean company Zepetto developed games This first person shooter (FPS) is for Microsoft Windows. In Indonesia itself, Point Blank was introduced in June 2009. Since then, internet cafes games in Indonesia is filled with gamer who play games better known as the PB.

so boomAt that time, many internet cafe businesses depended on PB players. After that, it starts to appear games looks like point blank because it turns out that many players like the FPS genre.

What’s the fun like Games FPS?

PB-like game

The FPS genre is popular because the experience provided is quite different from other genres. In addition to shooting with exciting missions, games FPS also usually has interesting details. Here, the player known as troopers can roleplay by feeling for yourself every movement of the shooter. Reasonable right?feels like holding a real weapon.

The advantages of PB itself are game modeits various so that players do not get bored quickly. Troopers can choose to play with what mission—defuse bombs, destroy places, eliminate enemies, death match, shotgun match, or AI match. The types of weapons used follow those in the real world, such as rifles, AK-47 Kriss SV, Dragnav, P90, and others. Each weapon can be modified according to the needs and level of the player. In the last version, PB also added the background location of the game so that troopers can feel the real fight.

Well, the problem is, PB is slowly being abandoned by new players because many old players have turned into cheaters. Not all, the hell, but still annoying because the game is not as exciting as it used to be. Imagine, a new player wants to enter the server as an honest player, but the contents are players who use it cheats so the chances of winning are getting smaller.

This is why sometimes many FPS lovers explore games liketi PB to get gameplay different. If you want to try too, check five games looks like point blank following.

Looking for Similar with Different Experience? Try Games Following!

Commonly sought after quality games FPS is the graphics, the weapons, the background of the place and the missions you go through. The more diverse and modifiable, the more exciting the game will be.

1. Counter Strike

point plank online similar game

Source: Counter Strike or often abbreviated as CS has also dominated the bustling internet cafes in Indonesia. The background of CS is a Counter-Terrorist team that fights Terrorists. The scenarios are varied; There’s bomb defusing, hostage rescue, escape, secret assassination and gunfights.

Some players prefer CS because cheater not as much as in PB. In addition, every time you log in, you will get a free mission without having to buy it. Weapons in games can also be purchased permanently, which means you will continue to have the weapon in one purchase.

Currently, Counter Strike also has a mobile version called CS:GO, rivaling the mobile version of PB, entitled Point Blank: Strike. Still, share troopers true, games FPS is more fun when played on a PC.

2. Call of Duty

games like pb

Here we discuss Call of Duty in general, yes. Because, the core of the Call of Duty game does provide a different FPS experience. Release gamesitself is divided into several versions and themes. The main ones are Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and Call of Duty: WWII. Although all of them are set in World War II, Call of Duty divides the game into these themes so that the missions have a continuous story with different places, missions, and features.

Apart from that many other titles with different missions like Modern Warfare, Black Ops and some sort of mini games with the title Ghosts. Compared games looks like point blank On the other hand, COD does provide a more detailed war experience. In fact, not only forward and backward, player can squat, lie down, and suck so the game feels more real.

In addition, Call of Duty also comes in a mobile version with two game modes in it, namely Battle Royale and the classic FPS PVP mode. You can have tier and rank which is different in each mode so it feels like you have two games different in one game.

3. Team Fortress 2

game like point blank

Well, this one is one of the elders in the FPS world. Team Fortress first came out in 1996, experiencing updates Team Fortress Classic in 1999, until it was re-released as Team Fortress 2 in 2007. Unfortunately, games it can only be played as FPS multiplayer. So, you have to have a team that you can play with or play with player another one server.

Players must choose a team—RED or BLU—and choose a character to carry out certain missions. Usually, missions are in the form of orders to take flags in certain locations or conquer certain areas. Even though it was vacuum a few years before updates Finally, it turns out that Team Fortress 2 still has fans because games this is one of the few FPS that sometimes inserts humor into the story.

4. Far Cry

action game like PB

Developed by Ubisoft, actually the last PC version was released in 2004 with minor improvements. In 2022, Far Cry focused more on the PlayStation and Xbox markets. The storyline is not just a shootout, but like a plot that must be solved by players.

In Far Cry 5, the developer did not use the tower system so that players can more freely explore the mystery island with its intense jungle. However, in contrast to games FPS that frees players to choose the mode, games looks like point blank this seems to force players to follow the storyline and seem to be being chased.

5. Battlefield 1942

war game like PB

Games This Electronic Arts output is one of the games like PB which has a background story and maps that are made as close as possible to real events. Battlefield 1942 can be played online singles, multiplayer, or against computer or AI. Because a lot can be modified, Battlefield 1942 becomes a target for many mod so there are different versions.

In the original version, the player can choose a role among five fighters: Scout, Anti-Tank, Assault, Engineer, and Medic. Each has its own role and use in the face of war. The fight is also set in World War II in historical locations. Apart from using weapons, gamer given the ability to fly a war plane and come to the war site.

The five games have their own advantages and disadvantages. Even so, Point Blank does have its own place in the hearts of people troopers. Related to cheaters, you better go straight report when you meet gamer indicated use cheats—to keep playing fun because skills no cheats!

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