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Looking for the Best Graphics PC Game? Here's the List!

For an experienced player, one of the main criteria in selection games PC is its graphics quality. The better the quality, the higher the value. So, what is a graph? How important are graphics? Then, anything games PC best graphics? Check out the reviews!

How Important is Graphics in a Games?

best light pc graphics game

In short, graphics can be interpreted as a form / visual games resulting from the design and modeling process carried out by developers. The importance of graphics varies greatly depending on tastes and goals player.

However, if drawing a general conclusion, the quality of the graphics games enough to make an impact on the game. A simple example is the increase in player reflexes and visibility in FPS games.

Row Games PC Best Graphics

best graphic fps game pc

Here are the best recommendations to have.

Far Cry 5

Starting from the first to fifth series, Far Cry (games made by Ubisoft Montreal) managed to hypnotize its users with sophistication of features and clarity of graphics. In fact, it could be said that Far Cry is a serial games PC best graphics FPS, ranging from lighting effects, explosion details, to the background of the surrounding environment looks real and spoils the eye.

Besides that, storyline which is interesting and emotional to make players feel at home for hours in front of the PC.

Hitman 3

Is Hitman 3 able to match its previous brothers in terms of graphics? Of course! The IO Interactive team guarantees that the visual quality of Hitman 3 is better than its predecessor.

Players are presented with a very detailed and satisfying view of the Burj Al-Ghazali building when starting out games. In addition, the lighting is presented in detail that radiates from the windows.

In addition, this stunning visual quality is also accompanied by top-notch audio, such as music and sound effects.

Call of Duty: World War II

Talking about games best graphics war PC, Call of Duty: World War II is always at the top of the list. How come? Player visuals, settings, shooting effects and more are rendered flawlessly.

Games It was developed by Sledgehammer Games and has been released since last November 2022. If you want to use games this on your PC, make sure your device has at least 90 GB of free storage.

Forza Horizon 4

Ever dreamed of driving supercars, like Ferrari, Bugatti, BMW and others? Feel it through the game Forza Horizon 4!

The details of the graphics feel so perfect, from puddles on the side of the road, piles of snow in the race area, to the light of the main lights when racing at night. everything feels so smooth and real. Therefore, Forza Horizon 4 includes games PC best graphics racing.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red is not to be missed. The graphic sophistication of this game is represented by Geralt’s character’s hair, from shape, color, to movement.

To play videos games In this case, you need to meet specific device specifications, such as a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system, 6 GB of RAM memory, and at least 35 GB of available free storage. With little memory requirement, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt becomes games light PC best graphics in this list.

Game Control

Known as a producer of cool and amazing games, Remedy Entertainment has also managed to put all its effort into developing Game Control.

Games It tells the story of an agent named Jesse Faden who must fight Hiss—a group with great power has“control” people inside FBC headquarters (Federal Bureau of Control). Then, can Jesse Fedan do it?

Metro Exodus

Dust, snow, firearms, gas masks, rust, moss, landscape expanse looks beautiful, clear, and real. It’s only natural because the visual masterpiece is supported by many contemporary graphic features, such as per-object motion blur, real-time ray-tracing NVIDIA technology, and more. This proves that the graphics for Metro Exodus are not fake.

In addition, the story scenario is also able to create a dramatic plot for players.

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar North as game developer Grand Theft Auto (GTA) guarantees that the graphics quality of GTA V is the best. Sure enough, with support for a class NVIDIA GeForce graphics card high end, visual game-it works optimally and can be said to be very minimal bugs when played.

The visual quality further supports the game from a first-person perspective. Players are invited to feel the sensation of walking on the sidewalk, swimming, driving a car, parachuting, and even other extreme actions.

Final Fantasy XV

Playing Final Fantasy XV requires a device with large storage space. Because, the size games This is quite heavy, which is 155 GB. However, it will be comparable to the quality of the game that Final Fantasy XV provides, especially the graphics games.

So cool, a lot gamer who are so fascinated that they unconsciously applaud cheerfully when playing, especially in the cinematic scenes. Don’t believe? Immediately play Final Fantasy XV dubbed as online game PC best graphics this!

Crysis 3

Games heaviest and requires a device with spec Another high point, besides Final Fantasy XV, is Crysis 3. This is solely to provide optimal visual appearance for the fans gamers.

That way, you can clearly see how beautifully the grass bushes sway, the flash of sunlight, as well as the shooting effect while playing.

Sure enough, who doesn’t like getting a gaming experience with a beautiful and charming display?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Carrying the fictional historical theme of the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, you can enjoy the classic side of the Assassin’s Creed game, especially the visual appearance. The lighting, water particles, flying birds, ship details, and more clearly spoil the eyes of players.

The work of Ubisoft is worthy of being declared a masterpiece.

Monster Hunter: World

As the name suggests, the game revolves around the main character’s task of hunting, fighting, killing and defeating monsters during his journey. Even though it looks simple, you will not feel bored when playing Monster Hunter: World for hours. The reason is, the game can be considered as a game games best graphics.

The details of the monster characters, splashes of water, lighting, and the surrounding environment are proof that Capcom has worked on the graphics game-it optimally.

Project Cars 3

There’s nothing more fun than a games racing, apart from looking at its gorgeous graphics. If you want to feel the goosebumps sensation while playing car racing, you should try Project Cars 3.

Details of cars, tracks, streets, to the surrounding scenery are made as if convincing and very real.

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