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List of Best Homer Character Combinations Free Fire

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates that come in various forms. Even for the 10 Best Homer Character Combinations of Free Fire (FF), it's a good opportunity to have a gift like this. Because indeed with the right use and combination, it can support when competing later.

Of course with the presence of a new Character, you should know a few things about him as well. Even with several opportunities that already exist, you can immediately take advantage of several opportunities to use them in matches.

Especially for the presence of the New Strongest Blind Agent Homer Character in Free Fire which is very interesting. Very different from other characters, Homer has poor eyesight or is Blind but don't underestimate his abilities when fighting enemies.

Because it is already a strong character, then try the 10 Best Homer Character Combinations of Free Fire (FF) to make it more enjoyable. Because some of these characters will immediately help and support Homer's game to be better when competing.

The Best Homer Character Combination Free Fire 


Homer's ability is good for finding enemies, especially if you are in the house too. Even Jota is a very good passive skill combination for these characters because it can support you and it's also easier to deal with enemies to rush.

Because Jota will also heal ourselves when dealing damage to the enemy very well. Even Jota's own ability will make us stronger, so you guys won't be too difficult with something like this.


The drone that Homer took out was indeed very fast in chasing the enemy, now Kelly will make you chase with the passive skill. Of course, using a skill like this will give you high speed that helps you to get closer.

So that Kelly will also make it less difficult for you, even her ability to match with Homer himself. Depending on the existing conditions, so you also have to be prepared with all the characters with better skills for easier matches.


Skill effects that are able to show the opponent's position after dealing damage to the enemy, of course, Moco matches this latest Homer character. It is certain that those of you who use the character will be one of the good updates so that you will not have a hard time competing.

Because Moco with this Homer Skill will find it easy to know the opponent's position very easily, it won't feel so difficult. Because indeed, with Moco's ability, it will become even stronger, so you won't be easy with that either.


Hayato's ability will provide reinforcement for both normal Passive Skills and Awakening for Homer when competing. It's definitely a character's ability like this, it's obvious that it will make you something very clear for something like that.

Even with Hayato with this strength, it was indeed very strong for the existing battle. Because of the ability that will help Homer survive much longer, of course, it is like a walking shield. So that those of you who have used drones to find enemies, can go to war without having to fear a lack of HP.


Next, we can use the Passive Skill that D-Bee has because his ability is indeed compatible with Homer. Is a character with the ability to provide total accuracy when shooting high moves, as well as Homer who is able to find enemies very easily.

That's why it's not surprising that D-Bee itself is quite tasty for you to use as a combination together. Because from the attack that you will carry out later, you will definitely give a good result and it will not be difficult for us to deal with.


Then next is Dasha's very strong ability to fight, together with Homer to provide better Accuracy. Because with the use of these skills, it will also be stronger, so it will make you stronger if you use that combination.

Because we have used Dasha's ability with strong accuracy, even with Homer being able to find enemies. Of course, with the opportunity to play like this, it will make you not difficult with the battle when competing.


If you want to use Sniper Weapons on Homer, then use the Rafael character to increase the damage. Because Rafael has a strong Passive Skill in the Skill section like this, Homer will also make you stronger in battle.

Because Rafael can make the player stronger, so his abilities will be better in the game. Homer takes out the Drone Skill to find the enemy and when the target comes out, then we can attack using the Sniper Weapon later.


The passive skill that you will get from Wolfrahh, of course, will support Homer in dealing with high damage. Of course, this power will definitely make you stronger, so doing this will make it easier for us to defeat the enemy.

Sudha must be with Wolfrahh which is quite comfortable for us to use with Homer because it is easy to find enemies very easily. It won't be too difficult to do one of these combinations to give a strong attack.


When you kill, you will definitely give an additional buff in battle, so Luqueta and Homer will definitely become stronger. So that you are using a skill, so this can make you stronger with a better game.

Later Homer has found the enemy, then we just go in and start attacking the enemy so that Luqueta's skill is active. It is certain that with a fairly clear battle it becomes very strong, so you will have a lot more HP.


The Otho character will provide enemy information at a certain distance if doing a Kill with all-strong play. Even with Otho's own ability, it's quite good, if for example plays with Homer's character who shows the position of his opponent as well.

So those of you who use Otho with these abilities, of course, Homer himself will not be difficult when using it later. Of course it will continue to get better when using a strong character by finding the enemy and then after that we can know the position of the enemy again.

After knowing the 10 Best Homer Character Combinations in Free Fire (FF), you will have no more trouble using these characters. Because seeing Otho's ability is very strong, it will definitely provide additional strength that is impossible to lack for him as well.

Including knowing the Free Fire Updated Characters that already have a lot of them, so that you also know everything. Even with the update that has appeared now, it is indeed quite exciting and you should try it now.

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