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Linda's Struggle with Threats and Nightmares

After the success of the first series, Digital Happiness finally released the sequel to Dreadout on February 21, 2022. Presenting a mystery horror story, the popularity of this game by the nation’s children is extraordinary and has received attention from the public. gamer foreign countries. Slightly different from the first series, Dreadout 2 come up with something new. Not only the sensation, but also the system gameplay which is more exciting thanks to the action scenes using melee weapons.

The new design makes the sequel to Dreadout feel like an amalgamation of several game concepts, namely Silent Hill, The Evil Within, and Outlast. However, the sequel to Dreadout comes with a very thick local wisdom. Some of the gore action scenes that are shown make the sequel to Dreadout more gripping than the previous series.

Plot Dreadout 2

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The Dreadout sequel offers a Story Before feature that allows you to understand the storyline without having to play the first series first. The Story Before feature provides an overview of the main conflict, including who it is Linda Melinda Dreadout 2. Timeline The sequel to Dreadout begins after the supernatural events that happened to Linda. Armed with shots from her flagship camera, Irisphone, Linda successfully completes the mission.

However, the deaths that befell her friends make Linda feel guilty. Not yet the guilt is gone, Linda must face a bigger threat involving her family. Linda’s family does have a special bloodline that is related to things related to the supernatural and the invisible world.

New Threat

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After you Download Dreadout 2 and starting to play, you will play as Linda who has to fight against threats from a mysterious woman in black. The presence of this figure triggers a strange situation, making the spirits who were originally calm begin to aggressively disturb humans. The disturbance affects the physical world, causing chaos and destruction.

Each chapter is presented neatly so that the mystery of each story can be answered one by one as the game progresses. Small details, such as the NPC dialogue explaining the reason for Linda’s haircut and the impact that Linda felt after the first series was able to strengthen the storyline.

Semi Open World Facilitates Chapter Transition

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It is undeniable that the first Dreadout series is an indie game genre enchanting horror, but weak from the visual side. To fix this deficiency, Digital Happiness uses Unreal Engine 4 which is able to improve the visualization quality of the Dreadout sequel. Even though it doesn’t look as solid as the triple A game, the visualization that is presented deserves appreciation.

Linda’s character remains sensual with better details so that the urban sensation dominates. Different from the previous series, which emphasizes the sensation of the wilderness and remote villages. Dreadout Sequel comes with a semi-open world concept. This concept makes it easier for you to enjoy the game, because the transition from one chapter to the next is smoother with a lag time that can be used to explore the city.

You can also meet various NPCs who are busy with their activities. Some NPCs provide content in the form of side missions for extra challenges or content to help Professor Mona find the existence of Urban Legends scattered in a number of locations. You have to actively go around and talk to NPCs.

The concept of a semi-open world has a wide story space. There are a number of puzzles that you have to solve. Most of the puzzle it prompts you to search for available solutions automatically. However, the other small part should be solved with a bit of racking my brain. You have to explore to find specific keywords.

A Taste of Indonesia with Western-Style Monsters

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City in Dreadout sequel very thick with the taste of Indonesia. Appears to be attractive to international players as it offers easter eggs and humor, in the form of light jokes, brand puns, the dynamics of boarding house children, and the daily life of NPCs who like to spend time playing games on the side of the road. Supported by appropriate lighting, the atmosphere presented by the Dreadout sequel is more dramatic than the previous series.

The design of spirits and monsters feels more international, such as a ghost in a black dress resembling an anime character, a pocong armed with a melee, and a surgeon carrying a chainsaw. In fact, the physical enemies throughout the story will remind you of the monsters commonly found in games survival western horror. This blend creates an interesting contrast.

Broader Concept

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Armed with a broader concept, the sequel to Dreadout brings the anxiety and fear that the game should have presented survival horror. In addition to the monster design, the sound that is presented adds to the gripping atmosphere. Although sometimes, in some parts you will only be accompanied by complete silence or a small sound that makes goosebumps goosebumps.

How to play Dreadout act 2 not much different from the first series. You have to use Irisphone to defeat monsters and spirits throughout the game. Interestingly, the Irisphone is equipped with a system charge shot which produce damage bigger. However, this may cause the camera to temporarily stop functioning. When dealing damage, the phone will emit a blue particle effect.

In the sequel to Dreadout, you are also provided with sessions gameplay who can defeat enemies armed with melee weapons. Melee combat is relatively easy because you can attack using a combination system of three to four strokes at once. Not only that, you are also equipped with stun capabilities that can be used armed with a camera flash. However, you cannot use a camera or melee weapon at the same time. However, the sequel to Dreadout offers many variants of bosses so that battles using melee and Irisphone are even more challenging.


The sequel to Dreadout 2 comes as a charming local horror game with a brand new design. Dreadout 2 Steam offers a significant visual improvement over its predecessor. Armed with the concept of a semi-open world, you can explore the game more freely. The thick taste of Indonesia, the new monster design, and the presence of melee offer something challenging.

That’s a brief review Dreadout 2 which you can learn to improve your game playing skills. Be sure to add credit, buy equipment, diamonds, and game vouchers or at a friendly and practical price through UniPin.

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