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Likes to Troubleshoot Your Opponent, Try Silvanna Mobile Legends to Fight

Silvanna Mobile Legends is hero which was just released in October 2022. Frequently pick up role as fighter or mageSilvanna is hero frequently played. He has the ability to fight solo so many make him a offlane heroes.

One of Silvanna’s mainstay weapons is a spear that is used to stab the enemy. If he jumps into an area, he can cause Magic Damage for the enemies who were there. That is why hero This one is considered quite troublesome.

Getting to know Silvanna, Mage-Abilities Fighter

silvanna mobile legends story

Rocking new hero Land of Dawn This is synonymous with graceful appearance. The spear that he always carried became his icon. Judging from her character, Silvanna is one of the hero fighter mage in Mobile Legends. However, he turned out to be Mage along with hero another in the same category is Guinevere.

With role as FighterSilvanna is in between Assassin and Tank. So, he has the ability to defend and attack at close range in a balanced way.

Judging from her appearance, Silvanna is indeed described as a princess from the Moniyan Kingdom. He is the eldest son of King Moniyan and the older brother of Prince Aurelius II. Later, after disappearing, this prince transformed into the hero Dyrroth.

Silvanna earned the nickname Holy Knight because of her predominantly white appearance. Even so, this hero can kill opponents very easily.

Skill Silvana Mobile Legends

silvanna mobile legends build

The power that Silvanna uses to fight is a combination of physical and magic. Anything skills hero this one?

Knightess Resolve (Passive)

Knightess Resolve is the ability to mark an opponent who has been hit. This sign can reduce Magic Defense opponent for a few seconds. The maximum number of marks that can be given to an opponent is 5. After that, Silvanna can give damage additional damage and result in an opponent’s explosion.

Not only that, Silvanna’s attack could create Magic Damage. getting bigger Magic Power owned, amount Magic Damage generated will also be even greater.

Cometic Lance (Skill 1)

In the first phase, Silvanna had Cometic Lance skills. With skills this, Silvanna can produce Magic Damage using only a spear. All enemies who happen to be in the path of the spear will experience the effects stun the first time.

When it hits the opponent, Silvanna will get an additional advantage, namely Movement Speed which increases by a few seconds. Then, skills 2 will open.

Spiral Strangling (Skill 2)

Skills Silvanna’s second is to thrust the spear at the opponent and create Magic Damage while pulling the opponent closer. getting bigger Attack Speed possessed, the number of stabs Silvanna will have will increase as well. Not only that, skills this can generate Magic Shield the one who protects hero from enemy attacks.

Imperial Justice (Ultimate Skill)

Imperial Justice is the ability to jump in a certain direction. Previously, hero this does charge and jump distance according to time charge.

On landing, Silvanna raises Magic Damage on opponents in the area. Effect from Circle of Light it is to lock the opponent for a few seconds. Silvanna will also get extra Attack Speed of the action.

Silvanna Mobile Legends Build Items

silvanna mobile legends item build

For those of you who want to use hero when playing, don’t make the wrong choice of Silvanna in Mobile Legends build used. Here are some recommendations build which would help Silvanna be more effective in combat.

Warrior Boots

Before playing, make sure you have Warrior Boots. Items this one works to add Movement Speed the hero in the game. If Silvanna uses Warrior Bootsit will get additional 22 Physical Defense.

Glowing Wand

Items Another thing that Silvanna needs to wear is Glowing Wand. Superiority items does this add 75 Magic Power400 HP, and 5 Movement Speed for hero. Superiority Glowing Wand another is to add damage from skills Silvanna passive. Skills the passive is to cause Burn on the opponent for up to 3 seconds.

Concentrated Energy

Furthermore, you can also choose Concentrated Energy as items support for Silvanna. Items this can add Magic PowerHP, and Magical Lifesteal. Silvanna can get this unique passive when defeating an opponent.

Feather of Heaven

Buy Feather of Heaven to add Magic Power, Attack Speedand Movement Speed Silvanna in play. Items it also has a unique passive that inflicts Magic Damage extra.


As a counterbalance, you can also buy items defense that is Immortality. By having items In this case, Silvanna will get an additional 800 HP and 40 Physical Defense. Unique passive from items this is resurrect for 2 seconds after experiencing elimination from the opponent. Hero can also get extra HP by 15% and shield which can absorb 300-1,000 damage.

Tips for Using Hero Silvanna

silvanna mobile legends skills

As one of the hero great power that can lead you to victory in battle, Silvanna is widely used by player Mobile Legends. for more hero stronger, there are some tips that you can apply while playing, namely:

Beware of the Large Number of Enemies

All skills Silvanna’s Mobile Legends is very useful in battle. However, skills it can only be effective when facing one opponent. If hero surrounded by many opponents, you have to be careful because Silvanna doesn’t have skills escape. Another drawback, it has time cooldown which is quite long.

Flicker For Insurance

While playing, you can start by doing skills 1 that produces an effect stun. Then, approach the opponent and attack with skills ultimate. After the opponent is locked, use skills 2. If it still survives, use it again skills 1 and combine with attack basic. Well, in order to stay safe from being unable to escape, use battle spells Flicker.

Well, here are some tips that you can use when playing with Silvanna Mobile Legends. To buy hero this and various build items that supports the game, you can transact at UniPin. With a variety of payment options, there are a number of conveniences that you can enjoy.

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