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Let's get acquainted with Alok Free Fire, the Character Inspired by the Original DJ!

Each character in Free Fire does have its own uniqueness. No exception with Alok Free Fire. This character is the result of a collaboration between Garena and DJ Alok, a real person who works as a DJ in Brazil. When viewed from his background, Alok is similar to Jota who is also inspired by a real figure, namely the popular Indonesian actor, Joe Taslim.

In addition to being a character in the Free Fire game, this DJ whose real name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo also released a song entitled Vale Vale. This song was used as the theme song for the 2022 Free Fire World Series event held at Barra Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Alok, a DJ with an original character

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Despite having a real figure in the real world, Alok Free Fire character have a slightly different story. Both work as DJs, in the game Alok is told to use the power of music he has and leaves Brazil to travel the world. Alok has signed a contract and a closed concert will be held at Alok Free Fire lobby for VIP guests.

In order to have it, Alok Free Fire price the market is quite affordable. If you want to have a character as well as a bundle, prepare 599 Diamond. Meanwhile DJ Alok’s deluxe bundle is priced at 3349 Diamonds and fragments can be obtained for 40 Diamonds. Since the price is quite expensive, you can wait at secret shop or roulette.

Apart from paying with Diamonds, you can also get characters Alok Free Fire free aka free. Please visit the Diamond Free Fire party page then find events easy to get Alok.

Skills Alok Free Fire

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Alok has a skills which name is Drop the Beat. Skills this can create an aura with a range of 5m that will increase movement, sprint as well as restore HP. This effect cannot be stacked.

  • Skills Level 1. Creates an aura within a 5m radius that will increase movement speed and sprint by 10%, recovers 5 HP for 5 seconds and CD 45 seconds
  • Skills Level 2. Creates an aura within a 5m radius for increased movement speed and sprint by 11%, restores 5 HP for 6 seconds and CD 45 seconds
  • Skills Level 3. Creates aura within a 5m radius to increase movement and sprint speed by 12%, restores 5 HP for 7 seconds and CD 45 seconds
  • Skills Level 4. Creates aura within a 5m radius to increase movement and sprint speed by 13%, restores 5 HP for 8 seconds and DC 45 seconds
  • Skills Level 5. Summon Airdrop Playcard
  • Skills Level 6. Creates aura within 5m, increases movement and sprints by 14%, recovers 5 HP for 9 seconds and CD 45 seconds
  • Skills Level 7. Alok’s Banner
  • Skills Level 8. Creates 5m aura, increases movement and sprint by 15%, restores 5 HP for 10 seconds and CD 45 seconds.

Need to know that skills this cannot be stacked/stack.

The Advantages of Playing Using Alok Free Fire Characters

alok free fire character

Still not sure how to use Alok? Check out some of the advantages that the DJ has below!

1. Ability Healing outstanding

As a support character, DJ Alok has strong healing abilities. SkillsThis is the secret to making him and his team survive until the end of the game. Moreover, DJ Alok can not only heal himself but also other players around him.

2. Can be combined with various other barbarian characters

With a support position, DJ Alok’s job is to help team members to win the battle. Skills owned by Alok is very suitable to be combined with other characters who play barbaric like Hayato and Moco.

3. Be the Foundation for His Team

Being able to adapt attacks and be the foundation for the team is one of the strengths of DJ Alok. The buff he has can strengthen every member of the team around him. Not only that, DJ Alok is also good at adjusting strategies so that it is very profitable for his team members.

4. Have Buff Circle very wide

Compared to Olivia, skills those owned by DJ Alok tend to be more profitable. Not only can it provide additional HP but can also increase movement speed up to 15%. Skills this is very rare considering that DJ Alok has two buff effects active at the same time.

Another factor that makes Alok strong in the arena is that his buff is very wide. When viewed from the side area, it can fit 7 to 8 people. If one day Battle Royale introduces a game with a maximum of 10 players, this will certainly be very profitable.

5. Very Suitable for Team Play

If you like playing with squad mode, Alok will provide many advantages. In terms of strategy, Alok is also very flexible. You can use it to play barbarian or play cool. Add movement speed if you want to attack more aggressively. However, if you want to play casually, take advantage of it healing skills when you meet the enemy.

Tips for Playing Alok Free Fire

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Like other characters in Free Fire, Alok can also be used well if you know the tricks and tips. Check out some tips if you want to play with the following Alok characters!

1. Use Skills at the right time

Although skillsit has an effect overpoweringbut time cooldown All it takes Alok is 45 seconds. That is, you have to know when to use its power. If you want to recover HP because damage small, make sure no enemies come within 45 seconds. If you’re going to fight in the near future, just use Medkit or Inhaled.

2. Use Skills Alok to Escape

At the maximum level, Alok can provide additional movement speed of up to 15%. This effect is very suitable to be used to escape from dangerous situations. This speed will also make it difficult for enemies to shoot you. Even if you get hit, HP will return every 5 seconds.

3. Use Skills Alok to Restore HP

Skills Alok’s healing can be used while running. If you want to use a Medkit, it’s best to hide in a safe place first and then heal yourself. If used on squad, skills Alok can work within a 5 meter radius.

That’s complete information about Alok Free Fire. Use Alok with the best tricks and combos for your game booyah.

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