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Layla Mobile Legend, Hero Marksman with High Damage

Are you a Mobile Legend player? You need to know that there is one hero that you need to master in order to win the game. This time we will discuss tips on mastering Layla Mobile Legend so that you can master the Mobile Legend game well.

Who is Layla in Mobile Legend?

layla mobile legendYou may be familiar with one of the hero characters named Layla in Mobile Legend. This time we will discuss it in more depth so that you can get to know Layla better.

The thing that needs to be known is the description of Layla in Mobile Legend who was born by a researcher. He lives in Eruditio, a small town in the Land of Dawn. The city is shrouded in evil forces and is of great concern.

There is an evil force called Malefic Energy that can erase human memories when touched by this evil power. In fact, the human can turn into a figure that cannot be controlled.

Layla’s father felt concerned to see the condition of the city that was increasingly losing its peace. Layla’s father began to create various weapons to deal with the evil energy. He created a cannon called the malefic gunner.

It turned out that the weapon created by Layla’s father caused a fatal thing. He contracted the power of darkness and shot himself with the weapon. Before he died, Layla’s father ordered Layla to eliminate malefic energy.

This is what gives rise to the figure of Layla Mobile Legend who is different to destroy malefic energy. Layla always carries a malefic gunner wherever she goes. This is the figure that you need to master to win the match in Mobile Legend.

The Advantages of Layla’s Figure in Mobile Legend

mobile legend layla skillNext, we will discuss the advantages of the Layla figure in Mobile Legend. This is important so that you can use these advantages to win the match.

The thing you need to pay attention to before playing this figure is its superiority. If you know the advantages, then you can play the character well. Some of the advantages of Layla Mobile Legend.

Some of the advantages of Layla that you need to know are as follows:

1. Deadly Hero

Layla has a deadly skill, you can use a marksman hero skill that has a far basic attack range. Even though it is considered weak, you can use this skill to shoot your opponent little by little and it will be painful when entering the late game.

You can use the Layla Mobile Legend skill which is capable of firing Energy Bombs that can give 200 physical damage. This will have a lethal impact on opponents who are hit continuously.

2. Get Layla for Free

If you are a novice player in Mobile Legend, then Layla is the right choice because it can be used for free. You will see it in fashion classic or ranked beginner. So, feel free to use it.

You can use Layla’s Energy Blast to win the match. This energy has the power of 500 physical damage if hit by an opponent. You can also play the figure of Layla to face opponents.

3. Have a magic ball

You need to know that Layla has a magic ball that has an effect that slows opponents up to 30% for 1.2 seconds. This will give you an advantage to save yourself before being attacked by your opponent.

This energy ball will explode and have the power of 170 physical damage that can hit the opponent within a certain distance. So, you can use this magic ball to defend yourself.

Do This to Master the Match with Layla

mobile legend layla itemsYou need to know how to master the Mobile Legend match with Layla. Things you need to prepare some Layla Mobile Legend items to help increase Layla’s strength, as follows:

1. Windtalker

One of the items you need to prepare is Windtalker. This item will help Layla to provide attacks and movements quickly. Layla can do attacks quickly using this item.

Don’t hesitate to prepare this item because you can make Layla faster in dealing with opponents. This will make Layla’s movement more agile in the face of opponent attacks or self-defense.

2. Scarlet Phantom

If you want to deal with the opponent’s attack well, then you must have the Scarlet Phantom item. This item will help increase Layla’s attack speed. In fact, it gives a big influence to add Layla’s physical attack.

You must have this item so that Layla can face the opponent’s attack bravely. In addition, the attack given by Layla will be stronger by using this item.

3. Malefic Roar

Remember the message that Layla’s father gave to defeat the evil energy? Well, you need the Malefic Roar item to defeat the evil energy of the dilate game. This item will help increase Layla’s physical attack.

In addition, Malefic Roar can also provide additional penetration against Layla. This item will really help Layla in the match. Don’t hesitate to own it and give the best support for Layla’s victory.

4. Berserker’s Fury

If you want to win the match by killing the opponent and inflicting pain on the opponent. Then, you need to prepare Berseker’s Fury item for Layla. This item will provide additional power to increase Layla’s critical hit.

In addition, this item can also increase the impact of the physical attack that Layla gives to the opponent. You don’t need to hesitate to use this item in battle with Layla. Play to the maximum and show the best strength.

That’s the discussion about Layla Mobile Legend that you need to know. Hope it can help you to win the game. Make sure you can maximize Layla’s power to win the match. Prepare items and use the skills well.

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