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Laura Free Fire, The Special Agent Sniper Expert

One of the keys to winning the Free Fire (FF) game is to recognize what kind of character you are using. Likewise if you decide to wear Laura Free Fire.

By studying the advantages and disadvantages and skills Laura, you know when to attack or defend. This also makes it easier for you to find out if the character fits your playing style so far.

So, what makes Laura Free Fire Garena is this so special? The following review is ready to bring you closer to the figure of Laura, the special agent and marksman.

Laura Free Fire who is Good at Shooting

laura free fire garena

Laura Free Fire described as a young woman who works as a special agent. Behind the beauty of her face, this 24-year-old woman has a shooting ability that should be reckoned with by opponents.

It is said that he had this shooting talent from a young age. Laura is believed to have the ability and expertise to aim at targets more than anyone else her age.

Thanks to that ability, Laura was present as one of the sniper or dangerous snipers in FF. You could say, Laura’s skills are suitable for those of you who prioritize games with high accuracy.

Laura Free Fire’s Abilities Row

laura free fire skills

Sharp Shooter is skills Laura’s mainstay which makes her able to increase the accuracy of the shots that are released. Even though he’s wearing scope, Laura’s shooting accuracy will also increase as the level increases.

When you release skills Laura at the start of the game, the accuracy of the shot will increase up to 10%. Usage scope also adds to the precision as the level increases. Successively Laura’s shooting accuracy increased to 14% at level 2, 18% at level 3, and 22% at level 22.

When Laura reaches level 5, she will get Agent’s Windbreaker. Then, once Laura has successfully passed level 7, you will pocket the Agent Banner item. In fact, when stepping on level 8, the accuracy of the shot will increase by 30%.

At this point, you can rely on Laura to play remotely. The reason is, when at level 8, Laura is able to aim at the target with extra precision, especially if she uses scope.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laura Free Fire

laura free fire character

Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Laura Free Fire?

Laura’s Strength

Read skills Laura above, you must have understood that she has high accuracy or precision when she uses it scope. This allows Laura to be sniper team mainstay.

You can assign Laura to protect the team while undergoing flanking. In addition, you can also rely on Laura to support the team’s defense once the enemy is surrounded.

Another plus, Laura is reliable for you to entrust to play solo, duo, or in a team. Just so you know, Sharp Shooter Skills successfully changed all the FF weapons that Laura had pocketed so overpowered.

Therefore, make sure you arm Laura with the right weapons to enjoy the benefits of her. Try AWM, Kar98k, and SVD lyrics because all three can give damage big that benefits you and your team when fighting.

Lack of Laura

Use scope more effective if you do it remotely. The reason is, shooting with scope can reduce your mobility, especially in detecting enemy movements.

This explains why Laura is less suitable to rely on if you like to attack directly or from short range. Sniper reliable like Laura is more suitable for players who like to aim at targets from a distance. Challenging, but no need to worry about being caught by your opponent.

You could have forced Laura to use AR in CQB. Close range shooting is sometimes possible. However, when you keep trying it, consider once again the risk, is it quite worth it or not.

Tips for Playing Laura Free Fire

laura free fire

How can you get GG alias good game when relying Laura Free Fire? Some of the tips below you can try while playing.

Maximize scope when fighting

Add socpe will help you target your opponent specifically. Automatic, skills Laura’s passive also contributed a lot. With scopeyou can target your opponent to shoot, while keeping an eye on Laura’s current position.

Make sure your position is safe

Previously it was discussed that the use of scope tended to restrict Laura’s movements. Therefore, you need to pay attention to which position is safe before launching an attack.

Even if your defensive ability increases, try to be in a position that gives you protection from your opponent’s eyes. However, make sure you can keep an eye on your surroundings to aim at the enemy accurately.

Count on Laura for flanking

Generally flanking applied when the player intends to execute the plan rush. That was the reason some players found it strange that Laura was empowered to flanking. However, here’s the unique skills Laura can help.

Strategy flanking you are more varied because as a sniper Laura can protect friends from a distance. Back again, always make sure your position is safe and not monitored by the enemy. So, you are free to use Laura to try flanking inducement and give teammates the opportunity to do rush.

Arm Laura with the right weapon

This trick has already been mentioned in the previous section. Just like other FF characters, skills qualified so it’s wasted if you don’t equip the character with the right weapons.

For Laura, you can try the following two types of weapons, namely sniper and assault rifle (AR). Both types of weapons give you the opportunity to attack your opponent from a long or medium distance.

Laura’s ability to accurately aim at the target will be maximized once you gift her the right weapon. You just have to set the team strategy according to the attack plan and survive to win the battle.

Based on this description, you can of course conclude that Laura Free Fire deserves to be a mainstay for players who like to attack from a distance. Laura’s dexterity and expertise in aiming at the target is almost second to none. Get to know the characters and master these tips so you can increase your chances of winning on the battlefield.

Good luck!

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