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Korean Metaverse Game Play Together, Reaches 100 Million Downloads!

Metaverse has now become a conversation, companies like Facebook have even changed their company name to meta.

Some of these big companies believe that in the future there will be a metaverse world, but those of you who can’t wait to live in the metaverse world now have games that have such a concept.

This game is Play Together by HAEGIN, this game is a metaverse game that is played by many people through their smartphones.

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Those of you who play this game will live on an island called Kaia Island, where players can freely do whatever they want.

There are 20+ minigames such as fishing, camping, to school that you can use as your means of socialization.

Players can decorate the house according to the mood and characteristics of the hearts of the players.

Reporting from gamingonphone, Play Together has managed to achieve a total of 100 million downloads worldwide since the game was released in April 2022.

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