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Kojima Productions Help Australia by Selling Special Merchant Items

Connect For Australia Kojima Production

Kojima Productions is a Video Game Development Studio From Japan founded by Hideo Kojima in 2005, Game released with Sony in November 2022 namely Death Stranding they succeeded in creating and popular.

Hideo Kojima managed to make a game that is different from usual, an action game that is currently quite famous and can be said as a game crazy idea which is usually made by the maestro Hideo Kojima, although many say this game is more like the Extreme Courier Simulator.

Apart from that, now there is good news from the developer Kojima Productions. They are raising funds to help Australia recover from forest fires by selling special merchant items, now the special merchandise items are two new Death Stranding products, namely T-shirts / T-shirts and Avatars for your PlayStation account. The two items are named “Connect For Australia”. The price itself varies, T-shirts are priced at £25 or around 442 thousand rupiah, while for Avatar you can choose the amount you want to donate, from £1 to £50 or around 17 thousand rupiah to 885 thousand rupiah .

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Connect For Australia

In addition, via PlayStation Australia’s tweet they also thanked And thought of the Australian people and also Ordered it, PlayStation Australia also put up the hashtag #ConnectforAustralia

Besides the game being quite popular, Death Stranding also made a positive thing by helping Australia by selling these special merchant items. You can also purchase the special “Connect For Australia” merchant item via link this.

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