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Known as the Hit and Run Specialization, Here's the Performance Quality of Johnson Mobile Legend

Johnson is known as one of the mainstay tank heroes for Mobile Legends players. Already know how the story of the journey Johnson Mobile Legend become a hero? Skills and build what items are suitable to play? If not, take a look at the following reviews first. You will also get tips on playing Johnson’s hero, you know.

Story of Hero Tank Johnson

johnson tank hero story

Before turning into a tank hero, Johnson Mobile Legend narrated as the most popular rugby athlete in his city. Having a stocky and strong posture, Johnson seems ready to beat every opponent. Many people end up admiring the figure of this one.

One day, Johnson was driving a car sporton the streets at high speed. At an intersection, he unexpectedly met a small child who was about to cross. Unprepared, Johnson was shocked and swerved into a hard object and died. At that moment, a miracle happened.

Suddenly a magical power appears and manages to unite himself with the car sport which he drives. Now, Johnson is known as one of the heroes tank mainstay in the Mobile Legends game.

Johnson’s Deadly Skill

Johnson's lethal skill

Throughout his career as a Mobile Legends hero, Johnson had experienced revamped and got changes to skills 1 and skills 2. Before playing this character, first find out what skill-and how the following quality.

· Passive Skills

When fighting against enemies, Johnson can take advantage of skills passive in the form of Electro Airbags at a certain moment. If his HP is less than 30%, Electro Airbags will help Johnson create shield with the ability to absorb 300(+700 in total physical def) damage for 10 seconds. Sadly, cooldownits quite long, ie 100 seconds.

· Active Skills

  1. Skills 1 – Deadly Pincers

Dead pincers will give 200(+150% total physical def) magic damage at the opponent when Johnson threw spanner. If the enemy is around spanner lands, he will be stunned for 0.8 seconds. Time cooldownitself 9 seconds.

  1. Skills 2 – Electromag Rays

When Johnson uses shieldits to fire the fan in the direction specified on the analogue, the opponent will be hit magic damage and experience the effects slow with Electromag Rays. At the same time, Electromag Rays allows Johnson to use basic attack and Deadly Pincers skills.

· Ultimate Skills

Rapid Touchdown is ultimate skills from Johnson Mobile Legend. Function skills this is boost physical defense by 10%. After that, Johnson will turn himself into a car and can be ridden by one of his teammates.

Johnson in the form of a car will blow himself up when he hits an opponent. As a result, the opponent will receive the effect stun for 0.5-1 seconds and takes magic damage 300(+90% total magic power) -750(+225% total magic power) depending on the speed of the car.

It doesn’t stop there, the ground around the opponent will be electrified and have the effect of slowing down the opponent’s movement and providing magic damage 80 (+20% total magic power).

Build Items Best for Johnson

best build item for johnson

If you combine build item correctly, Johnson can be two different figures, namely the most powerful hero and anti-attack hero mage. For further explanation, follow the following points.

  • Build the Most Powerful Johnson Mobile Legend Item
  1. Blade Armor, help increase +90 armor thus further strengthening Johnson’s defense.
  2. Warrior Boots, boost +22 armor and +40 movement speed
  3. Immortalityserves as a spare life for Johnson and deals +800 HP and +40 magic resistance.
  4. Athena’s Shield, give shield absorption every 30 seconds and gives an additional +900 HP, +20 HP Regenas well as +56 Magic Resistant.
  • Build Items That Can Repel Hero Mage Attacks
  1. oracle, with this item skills Johnson’s passive can simultaneously increase shield
  2. Cursed Helmet, grants an additional +920 HP and +50 Magic Resistant. On the other hand this item will add 1.5% Magic Damage to nearby enemies. There are additional damage 50% on creeps.
  3. Warrior Boots, boost +22 armor and +40 movement speed
  4. Athena’s Shield, give shield absorption every 30 seconds and gives an additional +900 HP, +20 HP Regenas well as +56 Magic Resistant.

In addition to recommendations build the above items, you can also choose a number of build top frequently used items player Johnson. What about?

  • Sky Guardian Helmetable to give Johnson a large amount of regen effect
  • Antique Cuirass, results in the opponent getting a 6% reduction Physical ATK for 2 seconds.
  • Twilight Armor, able to withstand the opponent’s attack for 4 seconds at 900 points. The result, damage Johnson received not as much as the total damage issued by the opponent.

Hero Johnson’s Strengths and Weaknesses

johnson hero strengths and weaknesses
Source :

As heroes, Johnson Mobile Legend has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can use both to attack your opponent or defeat him.

· Excess

  1. The thicker the size armorsicker damage caused by Johnson
  2. Known as one of the heroes initiator best
  3. Can do stun from afar
  4. Hurry up join in team fighteven though the location is at the end of the map

· Lack

  1. Easily conquered by heroes Crowd Control
  2. Beginners need practice to master this hero.
  3. Skill Rapid Touchdown-its quite difficult to play.

Tips for Using Johnson in Mobile Legends

tips for using johnson in mobile legends

Want to know how how to use Johnson Mobile Legend hero during the game? Here are the tips.

· Search Build Items Best

If you are good at choosing the best build items for Johnson, this one tank hero can be a mainstay shield in warding off attack small. Among the many build available items, try using items that can make the blood thicker. Even though damage the resulting pain isn’t that bad, but Johnson’s role as shield for his teammates can be very effective.

· Don’t Use Carelessly Ultimate Skills

There’s nothing wrong with wearing ultimate skills, but not too often yes! You see, ultimate skills this could make Johnson weak.

· Avoid Doing Laning Alone

Better laning with heroes mage or marksman. So, when Johnson focuses on being a shield, other heroes can play a role in eliminating the enemy behind Johnson.

Now, you already know, don’t you know, how’s the story? Johnson Mobile Legend until the skill as well build items best for the hero? If so, you are ready to play Mobile Legends with hero Johnson. Happy fighting!

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