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Knowing More About Groza, Free Fire's Latest AR Gun

Assault rifle or assault rifle often the choice of the gamer’s favorite weapon first-person shooter (FPS). You can find this phenomenon in various types of FPS games, including Free Fire. Regarding the use of assault rifle in Free Fire, you will find the newest type of weapon, known as Groza.

Groza is a weapon that belongs to the category of weapons assault rifle (AR). When exploring the Free Fire battle arena, you will find that many gamers use Groza. Then, why is this weapon a favorite of Free Fire players? You can get the complete answer here.

Groza Spesifikasi Specifications

free fire groza

The Groza 7.62 rifle is one of the lethal types of weapons in Free Fire. In fact, this AR weapon is included as one of the best rifles. The reason is, its ability to shoot at long distances reaches 75. Plus, this AR has damage quite large (61), high accuracy (54), and firing rate which is quite high (56).

When using Groza weapons, you don’t have to worry about running out of bullets. Like other AR weapons, this rifle has a bullet capacity of 30 rounds. The charging time is also quite good, at 48. To increase its ability, you can add several types attachmentsas:

  • Silencer: Attachment silencer has a function to muffle the sound of gunfire. Its use is very fitting if you want to ambush the enemy. Usage silencer will make it difficult for them to know the direction of the shot.
  • Muzzles: Attachments this one has a function as a silencer. Different from silencer which is useful for muffled sound, muzzle you can use to dampen recoil when shooting. Usage muzzle allows you to shoot more stably and accurately.
  • scope: scope has an important role if you want to shoot enemies from a distance. Its use can be used to improve accuracy because it can enlarge the shot. That way, you can shoot accurately.
  • Magazine: If you want to increase Groza’s ammo capacity, use attachment magazine. Its use can increase the bullet capacity from 30 to 40 rounds.
  • Foregrip: Type attachments The last thing you can install on Free Fire Groza is foregrip. Its use is useful for making shots more stable which then affects accuracy.

Plus Minus Groza

groza 7.62

When using Groza, you also need to pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages.


Free Fire Groza has advantages that will specifically provide a sense of comfort for beginners. The reason is, this rifle has stability as well damage tall one. At the same time, the shooting range is far enough that you can aim more safely.


Although its use is quite comfortable, you need to pay attention to the shortcomings of the Groza 7.62. This weapon is not suitable when you are in close combat situations. Moreover, firing rate Groza is not very impressive.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to shooting accuracy when using Groza Free Fire. The bullet capacity is not too much, only 30 rounds. If you play by shooting blindly, the bullets will run out quickly.

How to Get Groza

groza free fire weapon

Taking into account its performance, it is very interesting if you can battle and defeat your opponent using Groza 7.62. However, how do you get this AR weapon? There are five methods you can choose from, namely:

#1. water drop

The first method is to use water drop, either from hot air balloons or planes. In addition to the Groza rifle, you can also get several other items that can only be found specifically in water dropnamely AWM, Dragunov, and lvl 3 helmets and ves.

It’s just that you need to compete with other players to get water drop. You won’t know the location of the drop off water drop. The system will randomly spawn it. You can only find out the location when box water drop had fallen to the ground, marked by a yellow light that could be seen from a distance.

#2. Loadout Treasure Map

The next way you can try to hunt Groza is to use loadout treasure map. When using loadoutthe system will guide the player so that they can find the location box containing equipment or items random.

There is a possibility that you can get a weapon in the form of Groza Free Fire when using loadout treasure map. However, it does not rule out the opportunity you will get other equipment, such as vestgrenade, helmet, or gloo wall. Important note, you can use loadout treasure map directly at the start of the game.

#3. Taking from the Enemy

The third method you can do to get this powerful AR weapon is to take it from the enemy. You can only do this step if you have succeeded in crippling an opponent using Groza. This method does have a big risk. However, the risk will be commensurate with the opportunity to get one of the sickest weapons in FF.

#4. Loadout water drop

Apart from taking advantage of supply water drop randomly generated by the system, there is also an alternative to using loadout water drop. When the item is used, you can find appearance water drop which can contain various types of items, such as Groza, AWM, SVD, M79, helmets, bullets, attachments weapons, or vest.

In the Free Fire game, you can see the difference between supply water drop with loadout water drop. Supply water drop marked with a yellow signal and box green color. Meanwhile, loadout water drop have green and box blue.

#5. Bounty Taken

The last way to get Groza 7.62 is to use loadout bounty taken. As well as loadout other, bounty taken will bring up box with random content. Besides that, loadout bounty taken you can only activate it when you have defeated one enemy.

So, that was information about Groza, one of the most painful weapons in Free Fire. Ready to fight with this weapon?

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