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Know the Advantages of PUBG QBZ Weapons that Can Be Used

When playing PUBG, you must have a good weapon in order to kill the enemy. Weapons will also help you survive until the end of the game. This battle equipment can be found in several locations on the map while playing. There are also weapons that are given in a way airdrop.

One of the weapons available is the PUBG QBZ. This weapon is a type bullpup assault rifle the modern version can be found at folder sanhok. QBZ replaces SCAR-L which is not available in folder this. However, both can be said to have almost the same specifications.

Getting to Know PUBG QBZ Weapons

pubg mobile qbz,

QBZ uses 5.56mm bullets with a size of magazine 30 and can be increased up to 40. This weapon has a shooting mode single and auto. Hit damage 41 guns and a bullet speed of 870 m/s. The time it takes to shoot is 0.092s. 3.100s shot duration and in mode tactical 2,400s.

QBZ reach power strongest when fired at a maximum distance of 10 – 100 meters. So, this weapon is very suitable for use in close and medium range combat. However, the further away, headshot damage will decrease.

Choosing Attachments to Weapons

qbz best attachments

There are at least 5 attachments which can be attached to the QBZ to make its performance even more stable. Attachments these include muzzle, foregrip, sight, magazine, and attachments free.

1. Muzzles

Muzzles is the muzzle of the weapon that can be changed based on need. The shape is a circle and resembles a pipe. There are several types muzzle in PUBG which is suitable for use on QBZ, namely: compensator, flash hider, and suppressor.

Compensator useful for reducing levels recoil on weapons. Recoil is the jolt of the gun that occurs when firing. With compensator it is hoped that the accuracy of the shot will be higher. The downside is that the gunshots are louder.

Flash hider is muzzle which is useful for reducing flash or flashes of light that appear when shooting. By using this, you can hide from the enemy because the enemy usually monitors the fire through sound and sparks. To muffle the sound of gunfire, you can use suppressor.

2. Foregrip

The main function foregrip on PUBG weapons is as a handle to withstand the shock when shooting. For QBZ, type foregrip which can be selected include half grip, laser sight, light grip, thumb grip, and vertical foregrip. Each type foregrip this has advantages.

laser sight for example, it is useful for reducing the deviation of the bullet when hip-fire or target-aiming. So, you can use it when shooting while running. The other types are light grip which is considered to have no drawbacks. Due to the stability provided when shooting, many professional players use foregrip this.

3. Sight

Sight is a device that can be added to weapons to increase visibility when looking for targets. There are several devices that can be used on QBZ weapons, including 2x Aimpoint Scope, 3x Backlit Scope, 6x Scope, and so on.

Advantages of using attachments this is to help players see clearly so that the accuracy of the shot is better. The difference lies in the distance that can be reached. Besides, brightness reticle also influential.

4. Magazine

Type attachments Another thing you can’t miss is magazine or a place to store bullets. This accessory is important because it will help you fight longer battles without fear of running out of ammo. The types of magazines that can be selected are Extended Mag, Extended Quick Draw Mag, and Quick Draw Mag.

Apart from the four types attachments that, you can still add attachments other than list which is available. These extra options will make you stronger against enemies.

Advantages of QBZ Senjata Weapons

pubg qbz gun

QBZ weapons are fairly easy to find in folder sanhok. Newly spawned weapon on updates version 0.8.0 also has a number of advantages. Some of them are as follows:

1. Good handling

Handling PUBG QBZ weapons are considered quite good, even when compared to SCAR-L weapons. One of the reasons is the level of fire rate low so recoil also low. Thus, more maximum bullet fire and reach the target easily.

2. Consistent damage

Many players don’t like weapons with low fire rates because they reduce the chance of being shot. However, this condition can actually create consistency damage shot. Here, you can use it as sniper rifle. To help, use attachments in the form of x4 scope or x6 scope.

3. Low recoil

Another advantage offered by this weapon is the level of recoil The low one. This can create adequate shooting accuracy, even at a distance of 30 meters. When used in folder Sanhok is fairly narrow, the strength of the PUBG QBZ becomes very important. To get damage big one, you can shoot spray.

Tips for Playing with QBZ

qbz pubg game

In order for QBZ weapons to function optimally in the game, you need to know the following important tips:

1. Use attachments according to conditions

Make sure you choose attachments which is appropriate when fighting with QBZ weapons. If you want to fight in close quarters, choose suppressor as muzzle best. Use it too vertical foregrip to increase the stability of the weapon when shooting. Choose QBZ best attachments is one of the winning factors in games.

2. Consider the shooting range

As an assault rifle, PUBG QBZ excels in terms of fire rate although the percentage is not very high. To optimize that advantage, we recommend using weapons for close and medium range combat. The farther the shooting distance, the smaller damage resulting from.

Well, here’s a brief review of the QBZ weapon that you need to know. By knowing the advantages and how to use it, you can use this weapon to survive in the PUBG game.

To be more optimal, you can get attachments by buying credit via UniPin. With flexible payment methods, top up become more practical. Good luck!

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