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K Free Fire, Professor of Psychology with Expertise in Jiu-Jitsu

Booyah Day Free Fire (FF) in October 2022 is the moment of birth K Free Fire (Captain Booyah). The birth of this character was inspired by DJ KSHMR—a world-famous artist. The figure of DJ KSHMR is also known for the song with the theme of Booyah Day entitled “One More Round”.

The appearance of the character K is quite shocking because of his strength that exceeds DJ Alok FF. Are you curious about the figure of K and its dual skill mode? Check out the further discussion below!

K FF Character Profile

k ff character

Character K is known as a lecturer in Psychology, who is 31 years old and is a Libra. This man also has martial arts skills, likes playing chess, likes watching cats, and listening to music rock.

When he was little, K became one of the smartest children. However, he prefers to play rather than study. Because of that, K grew up as a brave and persistent teenager.

His tenacity was put to the test when he had an accident at the age of 16. The accident left K seriously injured. His spine was also broken, causing paralysis.

However, K is not easily discouraged. He tried to recover by following various types of therapy. That’s why, within one year, K was able to recover as before.

After graduating from high school, K continued his studies at the Department of Psychology. Captain Booyah also earned the nickname as a genius student. The nickname was given because K managed to get a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree in just 5 years.

Because of his intelligence, K Free Fire trusted as a teacher since completing master’s and doctoral studies. In the eyes of students, K is an authoritative, wise, and calm figure. He also has very high self-confidence, speaks little, and has strong analytical power.

K FF Skills special

kff skill

Captain Booyah has two skillsnamely passive and active. Skills passive K includes the addition of EP(Energy Points) a maximum of 50. So, the total maximum EP is 250 EP.

For skills active, K FF ability equipped with two modes at once, namely Jitsu and Psychology. Here’s an explanation of each skills K.

In addition there is an active skill that is

1. Jiu-Jitsu Mode

As told in the first subtitle, that K recovered from paralysis within one year. Well, K’s healing has something to do with Jiu-Jitsu Mode expertise.

Jiu-Jitsu is one type of therapy that Captain Booyah does to have a strong body. He took the martial arts seriously. Until finally, K managed to win the world level competition and bring home the gold medal.

One of the effects of Jiu-Jitsu Mode is the increased conversion of EP to HP. This means that every player standing at a distance of 6 meters from Captain Booyah will experience an increase in EP conversion. The conversion rate can reach 500%.

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2. Psychology Mode

The skill of Psychology Mode is inherent in Captain Booyah because he has studied it in college. This skill makes the character able to add 2 EP every 2 seconds. While the maximum EP can reach 150 EP in its highest mode.

If you want to know more details about the number of EP additions, here are the details.

  • Level 1. The addition of EP at this level is a maximum of 100 EP which is renewed in 3 seconds.
  • Level 2. There is an additional EP every 2.8 seconds with a maximum of 110 EP.
  • Level 3. An increase of 2 EP occurs every 2.6 seconds. While the addition is maximized by 120 EP.
  • Level 4. An increase of 2 EP occurs once every 2.4 seconds with a maximum increase of 130 EP.
  • Level 5. The system increases EP once every 2.2 seconds. Additional EP at this level reaches 140 EP.
  • Level 6. Character K adds 2 EP every 2 seconds with a maximum of 150 EP.

K . Character Strengths and Weaknesses

kff ability

Character K has advantages that can benefit players if used optimally. Here are three advantages of K when fighting in the arena.

  1. Maximum EP Addition

The number of EP issued by Captain Booyah is greater than any other character in Free Fire. Because of that, the captain able to last a long time in the arena games though supply thinning.

2 . Group Healing Large

K has group healing relatively wide so that it can add to the team’s blood. However, the team that wanted to have their blood enhanced by skills K Free Firemust have a fairly large EP.

3. Boost AP

Skills K can increase armor penetration (AP) for himself and the team. This AP reserve serves as an anticipation if the enemy suddenly attacks.

Captain Booyah is not always tough in the arena. Some weaknesses actually often make him defeated by the enemy. Therefore, you need to understand the following weaknesses of Captain Booyah.

  1. Skills Jitsu and Psychology cannot be used at the same time. Besides, there are cooldown long enough for both skills.
  2. Skills Jiu-Jitsu Area from skills Jiu-jitsu Mode is limited so player others must often stick with K to increase the HP conversion rate.

How to Play Character K

k free fire price

Even though the FF K character has weaknesses, you can still get around it with the following tips.

  1. Understand the Right Time to Wear Skills Jiu-jitsu and Psychology

Each skill issued by K has a different effect. So, make sure you know the best time to spend skills. For example, by avoiding activating skills in a state of urgency. If you insist on wearing skills in that situation, the results will not be optimal.

2. Taking Herbs and Inhalers to Increase EP

When K is in Psychology Mode, the maximum EP is only 150. Under certain conditions, the EP may reach its lowest point. If that’s the case, K’s life is at stake.

For that, K must stock up inhaler so that they can be consumed when needed. If no inhalerK can eat mushrooms around the arena.

3. Collaborate K with Matched Characters

To win the battle faster, K also needs the right partner. For example, Miguel’s character is suitable to be paired with K because it has the ability to increase EP 80 if you kill an enemy.

Thus a brief discussion about K Free Fire. Are you interested in buying character K? Come on, buy diamonds Free Fire is cheap on the UniPin site and check it out updates K Free Fire price! Prey!

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