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Just Released, First Get To Know Khaleed Mobile Legend, Come On!

Recently, Mobile Legend released a new hero named Khaleed. Look unique with a prince costume in a fairy tale, here’s a full review of the background, skillsselection of the best items, to guides to play Khaleed Mobile Legend. Come see!

The story of Khaleed Mobile Legend, the Prince from the Artha Clan

khaleed mobile legend story

Talk about Khaleed Mobile Legend story must not be separated from the figure of Moskov—the prince of the Wildsand Clan. Khaleed is known as the prince of the Artha Clan who loves adventure and wants to explore the Emerald Road in Agelta Dryland.

The journey through the Emerald Road began when Khaleed was young. Accompanied by a number of bodyguards, on the way he met Moskov. The two end up becoming friends and decide to continue their adventure together.

One day the Thornwolf clan came to declare war and at the same time wanted to dominate the Agelta Drylands. Seeing this situation, together with Moskov and his army, Khaleed and his clan formed an alliance to fight the invaders.

The war began, Khaleed and Moskov succeeded in repelling the Thornwolf clan. Even so, the peaceful situation did not last long because the troops broke the seal of the tyrannical Khufra and made the entire Agelta Drylands filled with storms and sand monsters.

In this situation, Khaleed and Moskov differ on what to do next. Wisely, Khaleed advised the troops to retreat, while Moskov insisted on fighting Khufra.

For his actions, the Wildsand clan was wiped out while the leader, Moskov, disappeared leaving only his spear. Knowing this, with Moskov’s spear he fought against the Thornwolf clan and managed to penetrate the Orb of Sand artifact that Khufra was holding.

As a result, the Orb is destroyed and causes Khaleed’s body to be able to control the sand and make the sandstorm disappear from the Agelta Drylands. From then on, Khaleed vowed to keep the peace of the Emerald Road from enemy attacks.

Khaleed ML’s Strengths and Weaknesses

khaleed mobile legends guide

As a player you want to win every game, right? Choosing the right hero is one of the winning factors. For players who rely on Khaleed’s hero, first find out the following strengths and weaknesses in order to create an effective appearance.


  1. Burst damageis fairly high, especially in early game
  2. Khaleed’s mobility is quite agile due to his ability to add 25% movement speed
  3. Has a good HP regeneration ability thanks to existence skills 2
  4. Included as initiator great one


  1. Despite having a high HP regeneration ability, this hero doesn’t have a good defense level.
  2. Ability crowd controlits limited so that the enemy can easily escape from Khaleed’s attacks.
  3. Need spell Vamp to survive
  4. Is a hero fighter with low DPS

Skills Khaleed Mobile Legend

khaleed mobile legend skills

Following Khaleed Mobile Legend skillss what you need to know to start competing.

Skills Passive: Sand Walk

When the Dessert Power is fully charged, Khaleed will move on the sand with additional movement speed as much as 30% while increasing quality basic attack next. Fighting with conditions basic attack Its powerful power allows it to emit sand waves towards the target and deals 120(+120% total physical attack). At the same time, the enemy will receive the effect slow by 30% when Khaleed moves on the sand.

Skills 1: Desert Tornado

Skills 1 allows Khaleed to earn damage who is strong against his playing opponent in early game. This can happen because this hero can use skills 1 lot 5 times in a row in different jumps. Every time it hits the enemy, Khaleed will get an upgrade damage as much as 25.

Skills 2: Quicksand Guard

Skills 2 can be used as a protection medium. With skills this the hero can recover 70(+50% extra physical attack) HP and 10 Dessert Power per 0.5 seconds. Besides that skills 2 can also minimize damage by 60% for 5 seconds.

Skills Ultimate: Raging Sandstorm

Skills ultimate This Khaleed is unique because it allows him to stand and fly above the sandstorm. Skills it can give 150(+80% extra physical attack) physical damage on nearby enemies.

Once it reaches the target point, it can shake the ground to give 200(+200% total physical attack) physical damage and effects stun for 1 second to the enemy.

Build Khaleed ML

khaleed mobile legends build

Here’s a row Khaleed Mobile Legend build which can be used to create damage hurt for the enemy.

Warrior Boots

This item can add attributes movement speed at the same time giving +22 physical defense. Every time Khaleed receives basic attack opponent, then physical defense will increase by 5 to 25.


With Immortality, Khaleed is able to increase Armor and a certain amount of HP. Uniquely this item will resurrect your character from the dead and then make him fight back when killed in a team fight.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair will give additional 160 physical attack and increase damage when Khaleed attacks a dying opponent.

Bloodlust Ax

To get additional Vamp spells, you can equip Khaleed’s hero with the Bloodlust Ax item. In addition, the Bloodlust Ax is also able to increase cooldown reduction and physical attack

Tricks to Win the Match Using the Hero Khaleed

khaleed mobile legends best build

1. Combine Combo Skills 1 and Ultimate

The first trick is to combine skills 1 with skills ultimate. That way, Khaleed is able to initiate attacks while at the same time getting easy to hit the opponent during the match. You can also take advantage of combo skills this is to maximize the achievement of Burst Hero damage.

2. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

Hero Khaleed was born with the ability and potential to play aggressively. However, this condition does not necessarily make his position always safe. Remember, this one hero doesn’t have a good defense. If caught in effect disable or crowd control opponent, Khaleed could be killed easily. To overcome this, you must be good at reading the tempo of the enemy’s battle as well as good communication between teammates.

3. Be careful with the Disable and Effects Crowd control

As per the previous explanation, Khaleed is obliged to keep his distance from the effects disable as well as crowd control from the opponent. Effect crowd control making Khaleed unable to regenerate HP through skills offensive and skills defensive-his.

One more thing to keep in mind is that Khaleed does not have sufficient ability to escape from the enemy. When faced with an opponent with ability Burst Damagethis hero can be easily killed.

Here is the information about Khaleed Mobile Legend starting from history skills, build, until the trick to play it. I hope this helps.

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