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Just Lucky or Already Good? Know these two things by playing Mango Capsa Susun!

Who said game Mango Capsa Susun just a matter of luck?

Many people think, there is no surefire strategy to win online games which is quite popular. In fact, like card games in general, there are a number of ways that you can use to gain maximum profit.

Game Mango Capsa Susun apk can be followed by two to four players with a standard type of playing cards totaling 52 pieces. Each player will get 13 cards and must arrange them according to the order of symbols or combination cards. From this amount, there will be three groups of cards arranged, consisting of the Front Arrangement (three cards) and the Middle and Back Arrangements, each of which has four cards. As a rule, the bottom card must be higher than the middle card; while the middle card must be higher than the top card.

Only then, after games ends, each player will compare his cards. If the arrangement is wrong, you must be prepared to lose without getting points. In fact, you also have to pay according to the bet at the game table. The player who gets the highest ranking and points will come out as the winner. The good news, the winner will get a payment in the form of Gold at the end of the round.

This digital game was developed by Indoplay, one of the developers games which focuses on the type of card game. You may know other IndoPlay products on Google Play, one of which is Mango Capsa Banting. Some of the advantages of Mango Capsa Susun, including the flexibility to choose a room according to your preferences, the sending feature chat and in-game emoji, interactive interface, navigation simple, as well as a choice of Indonesian and English. There are also a number of special features, including fun sound effects to enhance mood, feature send gifts (Gold) to players, the opportunity to get free Gold and bonuses on events special, purchase in-app easy, as well as one ID to access all games Indoplay.

Unfortunately, Mango Capsa Susun is only available specifically in the smartphone version. So, no version Mango Capsa Susun for PC or can be played with a computer, yes. However, don’t worry, even though the screen size is limited, you can still have fun together friends by realtime. In fact, you can also connect with new friends from different countries.

Terms in Mango Capsa Susun

indoplay mango capsa stacking

Before starting to play, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the six general terms of this game, let’s go. What are some?

1. Dragon Capsa

Also known as ‘Straight’; to refer to a combination of cards arranged completely from a series of 13 cards.

2. Straight Flush

This is a condition where five cards are drawn and have the same suit. For example, a Curly card that has the numbers Ace-2-3-4-5.

3. Royal Flush

The Royal Flush contains the combination of the Straight and Curly series that have the highest value. For example, a five-card Spade with a Straight like 10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace.

4. Full House

A card combination can be called a Full House if it has two cards of the same number and three cards of the same number. For example King-King-King-Jack-Jack.

5. Four of Kind

Called by the term pitting, This is a combination of cards that have different symbols, but the numbers are the same. For example, Queen-9-9-9-9.

6. Flush

The arrangement of cards can be called a Flush if they have the same symbol, but the numbers are different. For example, a Spade card with a Queen-Jack-King-8-5 arrangement.

7. Straight

Many people call it the ‘Series’. This arrangement contains a combination of consecutive cards, but has a different symbol. For example, 9-10-Jack-Queen-King.

8. Two Pairs

Two Pair refers to the arrangement of cards that contains a combination of two pairs of the same numbers; or if you have twin cards. For example, 3-4-4-Queen-Queen.

9. Three of Kind

The concept is the same as the Four of Kind; the difference is, in this case you only have three of the same card, like 7-6-5-5-5.

10. One Pair

This is a term to refer to a card arrangement that contains a pair of twin numbers. The numbers themselves are free, such as 3-3-6-7-8.

Tricks to be good at playing Mango Capsa Susun

mango capsa stacking apk

Even though it seems simple, there are actually many things that you should pay attention to if you want to play Indoplay Mango Capsa Susun. The most effective way, is to first keep the top card strong. The reason is, in addition to improving the mood when opening normal cards, you can also get one additional point. After that, place the cards in the first and second order. Well, if you are trained to read cards correctly, your chances of reading your opponent’s cards are 33%.

Second, try to concentrate on the game you are facing. This condition is important, so you can read the situation and find a good card combination. Don’t be in a hurry either. In many situations, players who have good cards often want to finish the game immediately. In fact, the possibility of winning often does not mean much. Re-evaluate the steps again, whether it is correct or not. As for being calm, your opponent will also find it difficult to predict how to play and the contents of your card.

Third, this is a fundamental stage that is no less important. You have to understand the rules of the game well. Also follow the instructions provided, and of course: prepare enough capital. Capital here, in the form of Gold needed to start the game. The Gold can be obtained for free or ask a friend. Another way, you can also buy Gold on the platform game top-up as UniPin.

Facilitate top up on more than 10 thousand titles games, UniPin payment methods are also quite easy. You can choose from several possible options, such as credit cut; digital payment features such as GoPay, Dana, OVO, etc.; Internet banking; or pay for it directly at the nearest minimarket. So, no need to wait long. Come on, fill it up and increase your chances to play Mango Capsa Susun with top up Gold on UniPin.

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