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Just Announced, Fans Immediately Share Their Version of DualSense Design

Sony has just announced its new controller for the PlayStation 5, the DualSense. Fans are also very happy with the presence of a new controller that looks different and very cool.

A few moments after it was announced, many fans took the initiative to create their own version of DualSense designs with various color combinations which were uploaded via social media Twitter. However, all of the following images are just mock-ups.

Some even make the controller with the theme of popular video games such as God of War to Spider-Man. Everything looks really good, especially the plain design is really cool.

Well, what do you think buddy? GameZeRO with the Dualsense design made by the Playstation Fans? Certainly unique and interesting right? However, it is known that not a few fans are disappointed with this, because according to some gamers, the new design of the PS5 controller is somewhat similar to the rival of the PlayStation Console, namely the Xbox. In addition, Sony has not provided information regarding the price of the controller.

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