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Jess No Limit Buy Free Fire Sultan Account with Complete Skin

Of course, if we talk about the “sultan” in Free Fire, our ears will be familiar with the Dyland Pros. The money he spent to buy diamonds in Free Fire was able to make him nicknamed the sultan in the game. But what if we are discussing Jess no Limit? Yes, it may sound a little strange but recently he uploaded a video on his Youtube channel regarding the new account he bought.

In the video, he admits that he only wants to have a Smurf account. Therefore he bought an account with a complete skin from bottom to top. Not only that, the account he bought turned out to have all the characters in Free Fire, minus only Steffie.

In the video, Jess reviews the account by displaying all the skins she owns including skins for clothes, weapons and vehicles. The reason he switched from Moblie Legends to Free Fire is because he targets Free Fire players to subscribe to his channel. You could say that currently most of Jess’s subscribers are ML players.

What do you think about Jess who finally decided to play Free Fire?

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