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Is EVOS World Coming Back Soon? Here's the explanation Games

EVOS World are the 5 former main roster of the EVOS Legends team, taken from their first names namely Wannn, Oura, Rekt, Luminer and Donkey.

As we all know, the NIMO TV platform, which is a place for streamers to stream live, was recently reported to have stopped operating.

This makes the fate of former and pro players who regularly use NIMO TV as their main platform for live broadcasts less clear.

On the other hand, Oura during a live broadcast asked about a possible comeback, what would EVOS World do to Mas Dean (Aldean Tegar)

Is this a sign that the five players will reunite and follow the MLBB pro scene?

Possible EVOS World To Return

When asking Mas Dean a question regarding the possibility of his comeback that will be carried out by EVOS World, Mas Dean actually asked again about what the real purpose of the return to the 5 Players was.

Ourra firmly replied that what she wanted was an EVOS World reunion, and ruled out whether the five players would return to the MPL stage or any other stage.

Considering the possibilities, the comeback of the five players might just be a project.

However, Mas Dean emphasized that EVOS World could actually re-enter the pro scene if they wanted that.

“Yes, World can come back again, if there is no streaming. They can all return to the competitive scene,” explained Mas Dean

“Guys, in my opinion, from season 4 there was no live stream until now, they are still pro players,” continued Mas Dean

What do you think? Will EVOS World surprise you soon?

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