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Invite Players to Feel the Thrill of Driving a Bus

Playing a car simulator may be familiar, what if there was a game that offered the thrill of driving a bus? Of course the game can provide a unique experience for players.

As we know, being a bus driver is a challenging job and not everyone can do it considering the volume of this vehicle is quite large compared to a car.

Even so, it is not impossible for you to feel the experience of driving a bus. Past games Bus Simulator Indonesia for Androidplayers have the opportunity to become a bus driver.

Interested in playing it? Check out the full explanation below, come on!

About Bus Simulator Indonesia at a Glance

best bus simulator game

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a digital game released by Maleo and has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand users. To improve the quality of the game, the development company had time to updates in 2022 ago.

Through Bus Simulator Indonesia, players can feel the excitement of driving a bus. In order to create a real feel, design livery bus, gas station, restaurant, mini marketand the route is made to resemble real conditions.

How to play games The best Indonesian Bus Simulator for Android it’s pretty easy. You just press the gas button to run the bus and press the brake button if you want to stop the vehicle. In addition, on the screen there is also a panel to turn on the turn signal and emergency lights.

Before driving the bus, players must enter the garage area first to choose livery (designation for bus exterior decoration). Some of the available bus POs include PO Medali Mas, PO Wisata Komodo, PO Restu, and PO Laksana Anda.

Can’t wait to play it? Follow the download guide games Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android below this.

How to Download Games Bus Simulator Indonesia on Android

bus simulator indonesia

Before downloading, make sure the Android you are using has a version of at least 4.0. After that practice the following steps.

    1. Go to Play Store
    2. Type Bus Simulator Indonesia in the search field
    3. Choose Bus Simulator Indonesia which is released by Maleo and has an application size of 306 MB.
    4. Click Install, then wait for a while until the Bus Simulator Indonesia application is successfully installed on your device.

Livery Editing Tutorial

Indonesian bus simulator games for android

Although the buses provided by Bus Simulator Indonesia have been equipped with liverybut players can still be creative by making designs liveryhis own. To simplify the creative process liverythe first thing you have to do is download templates livery available in website Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Next process edit livery can be done in two ways, using the device mobile like Picsart or device desktop like Adobe Photoshop. Here’s a tutorial edit livery via Picsart.

    1. Open Picsart
    2. Select the Drawings menu, then Create New
    3. Press the Layer menu at the top, then select Photo Layer
    4. Insert livery templates downloaded
    5. Select an empty layer to draw objects
    6. Please use tools such as Brush, Text Brush, and Shape to create designs as desired.
    7. When you’re done drawing, use tools Eraser to wipe out auxiliary lines in livery templates.
    8. Click arrow to the right on the header to save image
    9. Select Save and Share
    10. Click Save, then select Save Picture on Your Device (Gallery)
    11. Open the Bus Simulator Indonesia application
    12. In the Management click garage
    13. Click Browse Livery
    14. Select image livery created on Picsart
    15. Click Apply

Vehicle MOD Installation Guide on HP

the best Indonesian bus simulator game for android

In the Bus Simulator Indonesia application, the term MOD is defined as a modification. Through this feature, users can add new features or items to the game. In the case of Bus Simulator Indonesia, MOD can be used to add new vehicles.

There are 3 ways to get a vehicle MOD, namely through, the MOD BUSSID application, and


Currently only provides 3 types of vehicle MODs, namely public transportation, pickup trucks, and cars pick-up. If you want to make modifications liveryin website this you can also download livery templates and change the design according to taste. After that, please follow the tutorial edit livery previously discussed.

b. BUSSID MOD Application

The second alternative to getting a vehicle MOD for free and legally is through the MOD BUSSID application which you can download on the Play Store. Unlike, the choice of vehicle MOD in this application is more diverse, ranging from buses, cars, to motorbikes are also available.


Just like the MOD BUSSID application, the choice of vehicle MOD provided by is also quite diverse, such as buses, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. The process of downloading the vehicle MOD on website This is also fairly easy and there are no ad inserts. Besides that, files The vehicle MOD that has been downloaded also does not need to be extracted with a certain password.

It doesn’t stop there. After download files MOD vehicle, now you need to do the installation so that the vehicle can be used in the game Bus Simulator Indonesia. How to? Follow these steps.

    1. Move files The vehicle MOD that has been successfully downloaded to the BUSSID Mods folder on your cellphone.
    2. Open the Bus Simulator Indonesia application
    3. On the Management menu, click garage
    4. At the bottom you will find arrows to the right and to the left. Click the arrow to the right until you find vehicle mod
    5. Click Use
    6. Now you can use the angkot to play in the Free Mode menu.

That’s a glimpse of games Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android starting from the background, how to download the application, tutorial edit livery, until the vehicle MOD installation guide via HP.

Thanks to its unique game concept, Bus Simulator Indonesia has attracted the attention of many Indonesian players. Even this game is able to achieve rating by 4.5 of the players. Well, for those of you who want to play it, make sure the memory on your phone is still available, yes, considering the size of this application is almost 400 MB.

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