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Introducing the Quick Resume Feature, Xbox Series X Can Run 5 Games at Once

Xbox Series X brings the latest Quick Resume feature

After officially announcing the Gahar Specifications for the next-gen Xbox Series X console, this time Microsoft wants to introduce a superior feature that will soon be coming to the console, namely Quick Resume. This feature allows you to open other games without having to close the game being played and can load up to 5 games simultaneously.

Through Youtube Videos uploaded by Xbox, it is shown that the Quick Resume feature can run 3 to 5 games. Well, the time to load data for the last game played is also very fast, only less than 10 seconds. Completely without close, the data load displayed is also the last position when you play the game.

How, Interesting isn’t the cool innovation presented on Xbox Series x, GameZeRo friends? With the presence of these latest features and complete specifications from Microsoft, it makes sense that the Xbox Series has a formidable performance as the video has shown. Will Xbox be able to compete with its rival PlayStation 5? Let’s just wait.

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