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Interesting Facts and All About RRQ Hoshi's Victory in MPL season 9 Games

MPL season 9 has ended and ended with the victory of the giant team RRQ Hoshi. RRQ Hoshi is again the champion of MPL season 9 after defeating last season’s champion, ONIC Esports. RRQ Hoshi deserves the title because his game keeps improving in every match.

In fact, RRQ Hoshi has become one of the strongest teams to date, thanks to the cohesiveness of the players and coaches. There are some interesting facts behind RRQ Hoshi’s title race.

Well, on this occasion, we will provide 5 facts and details about RRQ Hoshi’s victory in MPL season 9.

Facts about RRQ Hoshi’s victory in MPL season 9:

1. The team with the most trophies

RRQ Hoshi managed to beat ONIC Esports in the final of MPL season 9 yesterday. the performance of the entire RRQ team deserves thumbs up. The greatness of the coach and the players who deserve to win the MPL title for the umpteenth time. With RRQ Hoshi winning MPL Season 9. the more trophies he won

RRQ Hoshi is the team that has collected the most MPL trophies so far with a total of 4 trophies. He won the trophy when he won MPL season 2, 5, 6 and most recently season 9. From this success, the title of King of Kings deserves to be pinned to RRQ Hoshi.

2. RRQ Clayyy get 2 trophies at once

grand-final-mpl-season-9-rrq-clayyy-sabet-title-mvp_1650873859.jpg (1080×1080)

The main player RRQ Hoshi, managed to get the title of MVP Finals MPL season 9. RRQ Clay’s capacity was already visible during the regular season, because the games that were displayed were extraordinary.

In fact, this one player always gets MVP in every match thanks to his micro and macro skills. that the MVP Finals MPL Season 9 title is perfect for this mid laner RRQ Hoshi.

3. Skylar’s success as Bang Xinnn’s legacy

By getting the title of MPL Season 9 champion, Skylar will likely continue his rea from Xinnn. RRQ Skylar is the second gold lane player after Xinnn last season. This talented young player has really shown his worth in RRQ Hoshi’s starting five and it looks like this success will continue in the following seasons.

Slightly comparing Skylar with Lemon, both of them are indeed stealing attention, but in terms of capacity, they are clearly different. Lemon was played and RRQ Hoshi lost.

Different results were obtained by RRQ Hoshi when playing Skylar. In the el clasico volume 2 match, Lemon’s position was replaced by Skylar and they ended their revenge with a final score of 2-1.

From the comparison above, Skylar can create his own moment and it will certainly have a very positive impact on his career in the future. Moreover, he was able to prove that he could be compared to his seniors, including Xinnn.

4. RRQ Vynn with the deadly Franco

maxresdefault~93489e35-0bb3-4457-86bf-ea22c57acd20.jpg (764×430)

This roamer player may be the best in Indonesia with its flagship hero, Franco. RRQ Vynn always steals attention when using Hero Franco. Former RRQ captain Hoshi has once again touched the supreme title on the Hero Mobile Legends leaderboard, so don’t be surprised if RRQ Vynn plays very aggressively and turns him off when in the land of dawn.

It must be admitted that RRQ Hoshi’s moment of victory was contributed by a fairly large Vynnn, especially at the last push moment. Normally, if a player used Franco, it would use Flicker backwards, but he was different. Jumping forward while doing the hook will always be his signature move until whenever.

5. Fiel’s debut as head coach yproven successful

RRQ Fiel is the head coach of RRQ Hoshi’s team this time. RRQ Acil who replaced this position before, finally had to be replaced by RRQ Fiel. Many of RRQ Hoshi’s fans speculate that the change in terms of coaches is considered the same as last season. However, RRQ Fiel managed to break those scathing comments

After two seasons, finally led by RRQ Fiel, the team was able to bring home the MPL Season 9 trophy. Seeing the success of their debut, it is very likely that the RRQ team will maintain that position in the next season.

Those were the facts and details behind RRQ Hoshi’s victory. As the most productive team in MPL, it’s no wonder that in the end their achievements have many interesting stories to tell.

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