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Humble Bundle Collects 280 Billion Rupiah Donations for Ukraine

International aid to Ukraine continues to flow. Several game companies have opened donations in various ways to channel aid to Ukraine due to the invasion from Russia. Starting from selling games to others.

Yesterday, Epic Games reportedly managed to collect IDR 1 trillion to be sent to Ukraine through the sale of Fortnite for approximately 2 weeks. This time, it was Humble Bundle’s turn to do the same.

Humble Bundle Donation

Where they sell the game bundle which contains 120 items for USD 2500. Now, the donation bundle has been purchased by more than 473,796 thousand people. They also managed to collect a total donation of USD 20 million or equivalent to IDR 280 billion.

100% of the proceeds from this donated bundle will be sent to Ukraine through various agencies such as the International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and on-site assistance.

The gaming industry is helping Ukraine!

Humble Bundle Collects 280 Billion Rupiah Donations For Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine | The Verge

In addition to Humble Bundle and Epic Games, other game companies have also distributed aid to Ukraine regarding the invasion from Russia. Until now, the war between Russia and Ukraine has not ended.

On the other hand, GSC Game World as the developer of STLAKER 2 had to move their studio from Ukraine to the Czech Republic. Later, it was reported that one of the video game museums in Ukraine was destroyed due to an attack from Russia.

Hopefully this war will end soon and make the world safe again as before.

sources: Twitter

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