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How to Watch Streaming Euro 2022 (2022) on Mola TV, as much as you like, only 25 thousand

Want to watch streaming Euro 2022 (2022)? To be able to enjoy the Euro 2022 broadcast, you can stream it live via Mola TV. Especially for Euro 2022, you can subscribe to the Euro Unlimited package at Mola for only 25 thousand Rupiah. Apart from being affordable, you can also stream/watch all Euro 2022 matches.

So, how? Here we discuss the full method.

Register First on Mola TV

In order to be able to watch Mola TV streaming, you need to have an account on Mola TV. For that, you can register first. You can access the Mola service via the web It can also be through the Mola TV application which you can download on the App Store or Play Store. To register on Mola TV, you can register here:

You can register using email, using Gmail, or social media accounts. Please create a Mola TV account first.sun tv

Purchase Unlimited Euro Subscription Package

To be able to stream Euro 2022, you need to subscribe to Mola TV. You can subscribe to the Euro Unlimited package. By purchasing this package, you can watch Euro shows for free. Apart from that, you can also get access to other content such as: Mola Movies, Living, Kids, Sports (including EURO).

Here’s how to buy and subscribe to the Euro Unlimited package.

  1. Open the website, then go to the menu subscription plan.
  2. Then you can select the subscription package you want.
    subscribe to mola tv
  3. You can also subscribe to Mola TV via UniPin. You can open the web, then go to the page Mola TV subscription.
  4. Next, enter your Mola TV account email, then select the package Unlimited Euros.
    unlimited euro packages
  5. Next, specify the payment method to be used. If so, immediately complete the transaction.

Later the Euro Unlimited package will be activated immediately and you can use it for streaming.

Immediately Watch Streaming Euro 2022

After the subscription package is active, you can immediately stream on Mola TV. All you need to do is open the Mola TV application or website on the match schedule you want. Then just open and stream the match you want to watch.mola tv app

The method is easy and practical. From now on you can immediately watch Euro 2022 from anywhere and anytime.

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