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How to use Badang Hero Mobile Legends

Body is arguably one of the modes ranked. In fact, if successfully maximized, Badang can be a frightening specter for the enemy. Given that he has a row skills capable of killing opponents instantly.

But, the strength that Badang has of course depends on the pilot. Whether this player can use Badang effectively or not. Therefore, RIZA will give you tips from the experts.

1. Take advantage of the wall to be more effective

Pendragon, this first tip is the most basic in using Badang. To be effective, you must combine Badang’s passive skill with the presence of a wall behind the enemy. Then it gets a knockback effect if the enemy is knocked back.

If at the battle location you don’t find a wall, then take advantage of it skills two from Badang. Because, when activated, automatically a barrier will appear behind the enemy. Well, if it’s not there yet ultimateyou do need a little trick to do it stun enemy.

2. Speed ​​and Accuracy Are The Keys

Hero Badang is indeed quite difficult to use. Because you need accuracy and speed in the use of each skills from him. Because, if you don’t have the right calculations, it is certain that Badang’s abilities will be wasted.

According to Pendragon, when using Badang you need to be careful. Because once launched skills, This hero has the disadvantage of being difficult to maneuver. You will find this weakness in skills two belonging to Badang, namely Fist Break. As an initiator of attacks, this ability is the first and most crucial move of all the combinations that Badang has.

3. Take advantage of the bushes in the Jungle Area

As a Hero who has a great opportunity to do solo kill, you also need to take advantage of the conditions and circumstances around. One of them is hiding in the bush. The reason is, the enemy’s caryy will be in the forest more than in lane. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the shrubs that are in the area jungle.

Besides that, you also have to understand the pattern farming the enemy in order to determine the location of the hideout. In addition to making attacks more effective, this will also minimize the time wasted while waiting carry enemy passes.

4.Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started Team fight

As a fighter, Badang has a fairly high endurance. The reason is, when fighting he will be on the front line side by side with tank. However, his role as the initiator makes you have to be brave in taking steps to start the battle.

From Pendragon’s explanation, the effect immune from ultimate Body is an important provision that you must use properly. Therefore, before starting the battle you must finalize the attack to be more effective.

5. Know the Combination Order Skills body

This point actually intersects with the first point. Your knowledge of combinations skills Badang will be very influential in the match. Because, out of three skills that is owned by Badang you also need to know the order skills which must be launched first.

“Definitely, skills the second you have to take out first to narrow the enemy’s space. Then, you can use skills first to give stun and finally just activate ultimate for settlement moves.

When skills second has worked, use skills The first is Qigong Fist. When it hits the enemy, the effect knockback will be given, if there is a barrier behind the enemy then the target will be affected stun. Well, if the enemy’s movement has been turned off, you can immediately launch skills The ultimate is Fist Crack. If this is the case, the target will surely die on the spot. Author riza Kurniawan

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