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How to Top Up Sausage Man Newest 2022

Do you know how to Top Up Sausage Man? If not, let’s see the article below.

In the previous article, Halogame Tutorials already told you how to get Candy in Sausage Man for Free. Of course, we made this tutorial for players who don’t have enough money to top up.

Before that, Candy in Sausage Man itself was virtual money in the game. With this Candy, you can buy various limited edition items available at Sausage Man.

For those of you who don’t know, Sausage Man itself is a battle royale-themed game that is currently popular. This game has a fairly unique gameplay, almost like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, only with some new features.

This time, HaloGame Tutorial will tell you how to do this Top Up Sausage Man the. With this, you can buy various limited edition items in this popular game.

Curious? How to Top Up Sausage Man

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You’re looking for a way to Top Up Sausage man? Just follow the steps we provide below.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Open the Sausage Man Game

How to Top Up the Latest Candy Sausage Man 2022 Open Sausage Man

The first step you have to do is open the Sausage Man game. Of course this is because you can top up candy directly through the game. Open the Shop or Shop menu if you have successfully entered the game lobby.

Candy nominal

How to Top Up the Latest Candy Sausage Man 2022 Nominal

After successfully entering the shop or shop menu, look for the menu where you can top up Candy. In this menu, you will find various nominal Candy that you can buy along with the price.

Payment method

How to Top Up the Latest Candy Sausage Man 2022 Method

When you have selected the Top Up nominal, you will be redirected to a page that must require you to choose a payment method. For Sausage Man, you can make payments via Gopay, Doku, Alfamart, Indomaret, ShoopePay to Google Play.

Choose Quantity

How to Top Up the Latest Candy Sausage Man 2022 Total

As of this writing, we are using the Google Play payment method. Therefore, it is required to choose the amount of credit to be paid. The method you find may be slightly different, depending on what method you choose. But basically, everything is quite easy to do.

Make Payment

How to Top Up the Latest Candy Sausage Man 2022 Payment

Finally, you are required to make a payment at the specified place. You can make payments from Alfamart to Indomaret.

Now, That’s How To Top Up The Latest Sausage Man 2022. For now, the method that we provide is still 100% working as of this writing. We will continue to make updates as of this writing if necessary and the method is no longer working.

If you are looking for Tutorials and Tips about Games we are the answer. Because HaloGame will continue to strive to provide what you need.

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