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How to Set Developer Options for the 2022 Game

How to Setting Developer Options for Games

This Developer option is very useful for application developers and Android devices, whether it’s for debugging, testing, or anything else.

And some of these features will also be able to improve the capabilities of your Android device, because only by activating them.

And one of the most interesting features that you can find in the Developer Options is the Enable 4x MSAA feature.

Discussion on how to set developer options for games

This Developer Options is a set of advanced hidden settings in Android Smartphones.

This setting is mainly used for debugging purposes and also for game or application development.

So, for Developer Options this is hidden to prevent novice users from accidentally enabling some kind of option, which could lead to unexpected results.

To get into this Developer Mode, go into Settings, then select About Phone, after pressing the Version option for seven times.

If you want to display this Developer Options service, please go to Settings, then select Additional Settings, then activate Developer Options.

You will later see several Developer Options for Networking, Debugging, Image, Input, Hardware Accelerated Rendering, Media, Applications and Monitoring.

But this time, we will discuss how to set developer options for games, and here are the reviews.

How to Setting Developer Options for Games

How to Set Developer Options for Easy Games

How to Setting Developer Options for Games
How to Set Developer Options for Easy Games

If the developer option service has been activated, then the next step is to just run the settings, the process according to this step can be done on all types of cellphones.

And here are the steps on how to easily set developer options for games:

  • Please enter the settings menu on the device.
  • Next scroll down, until your choice Click on Above devince.
  • Then look for the build number, if it doesn’t appear on the device, it can be searched in the software information option.
  • You tap until a few times, and make sure there will be posts you have become a developer
  • Next, return to the home menu from the settings on the device.
  • You select the additional settings options section, select Above devince.
  • After that scroll down to the development options menu or developer options.
  • The next step, you click developer options.
  • In order for Smartphone performance to be much lighter, there are several features that need to be lowered.
  • Please lower the RAM performance of the Smartphone, by using the Windows Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale or Transition Animation Scale settings or settings, at a much lower level.
  • If the feature is not used, then you should just select the disable setting, this disable setting is an action to disable the feature, so that the Smartphone can focus on the menu that has been selected.
  • To be able to maximize Smartphone performance, in the Always use GPU for screen composting feature, please select disable HW overlays
  • Then set the size option from the Log Buffer to the off position
  • Then you put a check mark in the forced GPU rendering option.
  • Please change the animation scale in the box that has appeared by using the number 0.5.
  • Then also check the option to activate 4X MAA.
  • The next step, you check Disable overlays.
  • For the background you set it to 1 or it can be without a background.
  • The process for setting is complete.

The final word

That’s the step by step you will do for setting developer options for the game.

To be able to use an Android device with excellent speed after setting it, you need to restart it first.

The games on the device can be used with much more maximum efficiency after setting.

That’s the entire contents of our review in this article about how to set developer options for games. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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