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How to Phishing PUBG 2022 Account

How to Phish a Pubg Account
How to Phish a Pubg Account – How to hack a Pubg account with this phishing method requires you to download a Phishing Script about Pubg Mobile.

Who doesn’t know one of the most popular Battle Royale games, Pubg Mobile.

Pubg is a Battle Royale game that has now been played by many Smartphone users, because of its interesting gameplay and stunning graphics.

Equipped with quality graphics and interesting gameplay, this game is very popular with Smartphone users.

In this game you can buy various available items such as skins, clothes and others using only Diamonds as Pubg Mobile currency.

Then how to hack someone else’s Pubg Mobile account? Take it easy because this time we will share a way to phish a Pubg account on Android and Laptop along with the script.

Discussion on how to phish a pubg account

If you are curious about how to hack this Pubg Mobile account, then please read through the discussion in this article to find out how.

By knowing how to hack this you can be more vigilant with phishing Pubg accounts so you don’t become one of the victims.

You can hack sultan’s account using this method to retrieve that person’s Pubg account. There are many accounts that are not your target.

For those of you who don’t know phishing? Phishing is a hacking method that creates a website login page using a phishing html script.

That way, you can get other people’s emails and passwords easily.

This method is often used by hackers to take other people’s Pubg Mobile accounts, just need to follow each step correctly.

The most important thing is to install and download this Pubg Phishing Script, just see how to phish the Pubg account below until it’s finished.

How to Phish a Pubg Account

1. How to Phish a Pubg Mobile Account with a Script

How to Phish a Pubg Account
How to Phish a Pubg Mobile Account with a Script

Below are some steps on how to phish a Pubg Mobile account on an Android cellphone using a fairly easy method.

  • First, go to the Browser application on your Android phone such as Google Chrome or other browser applications.
  • After that go to the site to register for a free hosting account like
  • Please register by filling in your Email and Password after filling everything in and clicking “Sign Up“.
  • Then check your email that was used to register, there is an email from 000webhost to verify the email.
  • Open the Email and tap “Click Here to Verify Your Email” to verify and you will be redirected to the account Dashboard page.
  • Press the button “Create your first website“.
  • After logging into the site please fill in the wesbite name and password you want to use, use the name of the website related to Pubg Mobile.
  • Later you will be redirected to your Dashboard, please scroll down and you will find a menu, you can select “Upload Now“.
  • Then download the Pubg Mobile Phishing Script via the following link, Click here.
  • You can upload the Pubh Mobile Phishing Script file directly by clicking the upload icon at the top.
  • Then Extract the script first by pressing the file for a few seconds until the Extract option appears.
  • After that, the Extra menu will appear and tap the “Extract“.
  • There will be a folder, please open it and select all the files in that folder.
  • You will find a Pop-Up to move all the selected files, please tap “Change” and click “public_html“then tap”Select this” and press “Move“.
  • Replace the Send Email recipient data using an email address that is still active and which will be used to receive information on Phishing results.
  • Look for a file with the name Email.php or complete.php, if there is a Default Email then you can replace it with Email and click “Save” to save it.
  • Done!
Now you can add Subdomains like or and others.

2. How to Phish Pubg Mobile Account with Phishing

How to Phish a Pubg Account
How to Phish a Pubg Mobile Account with Phishing

In this step the website has been successfully installed, then please try to open the phishing link or page.

There, the target can login using their Facebook or Twitter Pubg account.

For the results of the Pubg account phishing method, you can see the target’s PUBG Facebook or Twitter password on the Login page, the results of which can later be sent to your email address.

If the phishing link that is made is neat, then the Pubg web link can be directly distributed on various platforms for many people to see.

There is a possibility that the target will be provoked even more by using this trick or seduction method.

Note: You can use Shortlink to shorten the link to the phishing site so that the victim is not too suspicious.

Phishing sites are usually spread on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp chat applications and others.

3. How to Phishing PUBG Mobile Account 100% Work

How to Phish a Pubg Account
How to Phishing PUBG Mobile Account 100% Work

As is well known that using Social Engineering techniques we can more easily hack to get the target account.

Moreover, with this Pubg account phishing method, you can hack any casual account easily, including game accounts or game emails, social media and others.

But on the other hand, don’t practice this method to take other people’s accounts, but only for knowledge.

You can try to create a phishing account or phishing site for knowledge only without spreading it to others.

For those of you who play Pubg Mobile, you should always be aware of unknown sites that could be phishing webs.

Beware of unknown sites and require you to login using your Username and Password and other information such as game accounts and social media.

The final word

Well, that’s information about the Pubg Mobile account phishing method using a Phishing Script easily and simply without being complicated.

Hopefully the above method can help you to restore the account that was hacked and not take actions that harm others.

By knowing this phishing technique, you can be more alert to websites that require you to login using social media accounts or games.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to phish a pubg account. Thank you and hopefully useful.

Dody S.

Someone who likes to learn and share everything about technology.

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