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How to Hack Mobile Legends 2022

How to Hack Mobile Legends

How to Hack Mobile Legends – How to hack an ML account you can do to get someone else’s mobile legend account.

You can have the opportunity to get an account to a higher level, such as max emblems, sultan skins, and many more for free.

And by learning how to hack ML accounts, you will know the steps to break into other people’s accounts.

You can also use this method to protect your own legend mobile account from hacker attacks.

So by listening to this article review, it is likely that you can protect your account and narrow down the opportunities for hackers.

You can even use it to steal other people’s ML accounts, but if you do that, whatever happens is your own responsibility.

There are 3 ways you can use to hack someone else’s mobile legend account.

  • Using a phishing website
  • Utilize mobile legend checker account
  • Operate termux application.

With these three methods, you can try to use them to hack your target Mobile Legend account.

So please learn the steps well so you can successfully use the Mobile Legends hack method.

How to Hack Mobile Legends

1. How to Hack Mobile Legends Using Web Phishing

How to Hack Mobile Legends - Using Web Phishing
How to Hack Mobile Legends Using Web Phishing

How to hack Mobile Legends using Web phishing, this is a fake website that only contains prizes and when the gift is taken by the victim, the victim must enter the email and password first.

So the first thing you have to do is create a mobile legend phishing web.

To get knowledge about phishing you can read the page via the link, Click here.

1.1 Creating a Web Phishing Mobile Legends

How to hack Mobile Legend, you have to create a google email and have sufficient internet quota and follow these steps using the chrome application.

Here’s how to hack mobile legends using the mobile legends phishing web:

  • Access page from google chrome
  • Press the “get started” button and look for the price that is “0”
  • Select the “login with google” option and enter your Gmail
  • Next, select “create new site”.
  • Then, enter the name of the ML phishing web that you want to create and a new password then click “Create”
  • After that, look for the menu “File Manager”
  • Then, press the upload logo and select “Script Phishing Mobile Legend” which has been downloaded
  • After that, select the uploaded file and press the “Extract” logo
  • Select the extracted folder and press the “Open” logo
  • Look for a file named “Email.php” if it doesn’t exist then look for “Set.php” and click the “Edit” logo
  • Replace the email address in the file with your email and save
  • The mobile legends phishing web has been successfully created.
  • To check how it looks you can open Google Chrome, then write the name of your website, and when creating a website add
  • For example: If the name of your website is “skinfree”, it will be

1.2 Sending Mobile Legends Phishing Links To Hack Targets

The phishing link is the name of your website that has been added to So please copy it first so you don’t bother typing it again for how to hack Mobile Legend.

You can directly send a phishing link to the account of the person you want to hack or you can also put it on social media to get more accounts.

Here’s how to hack mobile legend by sending a phishing link:

a. Short Phishing Links Using URL Shorteners

You can use or something else. The trick is to just enter the URL shortener website then enter the name of your website and look for the shorten button then copy the results again.

b. Add Interesting Images

In this way, you can take pictures from youtube with screen or directly from Google.

The image you have to use is like a mobile legends sultan account and so the hack target becomes curious and then will access your phishing link.

c. Add Description And How To Use Link

You can make the description as attractive as possible so that your target is interested.

For example: The latest mobile legend event, I just got a free skin from the website (write down your website). Hurry before the event ends.

Then you add another way to get the free skin.

Example :

How to get ML free skins:

  • Go to the website (your ML phishing web)
  • Choose one of the skins you want to take
  • Enter your ML account email and password
  • Wait for the skin delivery process
  • After you have arranged everything neatly, now all you have to do is wait for the target to enter your mobile legend phishing web.

If someone else enters your ML phishing website, then the victim chooses a gift and writes down the email and password, you can hack your victim’s ML account.

However, if the victim only logs into the ML phishing website and then logs out again without writing down the email and password, then the account cannot be hacked.

1.3 Check Email To See Incoming Phishing Results

The email that you enter in the email.php/set.php file will receive the email and password data that other people wrote when entering the phishing web.

So after sending a phishing link, one of the ways to hack this mobile legend, you should check your email more often because who knows someone has become a victim.

For example: In your email someone has entered with the following data.

Email login deposit account ml

Email :

Password : 123456

Facebook login


Password: example 123

You should save the login data above, because it is someone else’s mobile legend account that you managed to hack.

1.4 Login to Mobile Legends Game With Data From Email

For the last step of how to hack mobile legend, you directly enter into the mobile legend game and exit from the account you are using.


  • You go to your profile and select change account.
  • Then re-enter with the email and password from the phishing results that you get.
  • Also adjust whether you use a moonton or Facebook account.
  • It’s enough here that you have successfully run how to hack an ml account using a phishing web.

2. How to Hack Mobile Legends With Account Checker

How to Hack Mobile Legends
How to Hack Mobile Legends With Account Checker

Mobile legends account checker is a website to check whether an ML account is active or not.

But lately, this method is often misused to hack other people’s ML accounts.

How to use it is easy, you only need to enter the checker file into the website via the link and wait for the process to finish.

This mobile legend checker web is protected with cloudflare, so you don’t have to use a VPN.

Here’s how to hack mobile legends using a Checker account:

  • Download the material first.
  • Enter the website via the link
  • Scroll down and look for the combo load button
  • Enter the downloaded checker.txt file
  • Scroll down and press start. Wait for the process to finish and press the copy button if the process is complete
  • After successfully copying the results of the checker. Please enter the text editor application, if not, you can use notes or memos.
  • Next, paste the checker result file and see all the data that appears as the checker file result such as “”

So, please separate the time and date to make it easier.

Example :

Time 07.08.23 (space)

Date (space) 03.05.2022

All you have to do is login to the mobile legend game using the account that was obtained from the file checker.

How to Make ML Accounts Unhackable

After you know how to hack mobile legend above, you must know why your Ml account can be hacked, it happens because of the result of your own actions, namely by writing login data on an unclear website.

Currently, there are lots of people who make phishing webs to cheat with attractive prizes, the point of which is just a trick to get you to write your email and password on the phishing web.

For example, you are opening Facebook, suddenly someone posts “free diamond mobile legend, immediately click on”.

Well, the above case includes phishing, if you go to the website listed and write your email + password, then your ML account is hacked.

How to Secure Mobile Legends Account From Web Phishing

  • Do not access websites that offer free gifts of any kind.
  • If you have already entered the ML phishing web, do not write your email and password on the website.
  • Don’t be tempted by gifts that you can get for free.
  • Always pay attention to the address of a website you are visiting and make sure it also has https and ends with “.com .id .net . xyz”.
  • Usually the mobile legend phishing web address ends in .tk .cf .lt.96 (the point is not famous)

Remember!! In essence, you should not write down your mobile legend account email and password on the website carelessly.

The final word

That’s a review for hacking other people’s ML accounts that you can try on your Android Smartphone.

And if it is necessary for the future, do not easily believe that there are websites that you get will provide attractive prizes because it is part of a trick to target your account.

You also use the above review for how to hack an account and how to protect your account too.

If anything from my explanation is unclear, please ask in the comments column.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to hack mobile legends. That’s all and good luck

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