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How to Hack ML Account via ID 2022

How to Hack ML Account via ID

How to Hack ML Account via IDMobile Legends (ML) is a MOBA game released by Moontoon that can be played on Android or iPhone smartphones.

ML itself is one of the most popular games in Indonesia today, because the players are increasing day by day.

One of the advantages that players can get from this game is the presence of a hero that has been prepared by the developer.

So that the hero can be used, players can buy it using diamonds, but it can also be obtained for free.

Each hero will have 4 skills consisting of 1 passive skill and 3 active skills guys.

If the player already has a lot of heroes and skins, then his account can become a sultan’s account that is being targeted by many people.

Discussion on How to Hack an ML Account via ID

Usually people who are after the sultan’s account will hack, so they can take control of the account.

The hack process is also carried out with various methods, one of which is through an ID combined with an application or a special link to hack.

Due to technological developments, making the hack method or method is growing and can be learned by everyone.

Well, here we will share several ways to hack ML accounts through IDs that are popular and can be learned.

How to Hack ML Account via ID

1. How to Hack ML Account via ID using Mobile Legends Account Checker

How to Hack ML Account via ID
How to Hack an ML Account via ID using Mobile Legends Account Checker

Mobile Legends Account Checker itself is a website that functions to check an ML account, whether the account is still active or not.

However, the account is in fact widely used by hackers as a tool to hack someone’s ML account.

Moreover, the Mobile Legends Account Checker web is very easy to use, guys.

As for how to hack an ML account via ID using Mobile Legends Account Checker as follows:
  • For the first step, please visit the website via the following link, to input the file checker (Mobile Legends Account Checker site).
  • Then download and install the Filechecker file to start the hacking process by clicking the following link (Download File Checker).
  • After sitis opens, please scroll down the page and look for the Combo Load button option.
  • Then enter the FileChecker.txt that was downloaded earlier.
  • Click the Start button at the bottom and the process will begin.
  • The Copy button will be displayed when finished and click the button.
  • Next, open the Text Editor application as a place to paste the results of the process that has been done. For example, as shown below:

  • Also separate the time and date in the following way:

time 07.06.22 (space)


  • For the last step, you can try logging in with the data that has been obtained to the Mobile Legends game.

2. How to Hack an ML Account via ID using the Termux Application

How to Hack ML Account via ID
How to Hack an ML Account via ID using the Termux Application

Termux is a very functional hack application, because it can be used to hack various objects or targets, including Mobile Legends accounts.

Here’s how to hack an ML account via ID using the Termux application that you can learn:
  • Download and install the Termux application by clicking the following link (Download the Termux App).
  • Open the application after it is installed and enter the script below into the application:

apt update

apt upgrade -y

pkg install bash-y

pkg install git-y

pkg install python2-y

pkg install toilet-y

pkg install figlet-y

pkg install ruby-y

gem install lolcat

  • After that, install the ML account hack script using the command below:

git clone

  • Wait for the process for a while and when it’s finished, enter the script below into the Termux application:

cd PiPhish


  • Automatically, a login page will be displayed and you can login using the following account:

password: how
username: cara1001

  • You will be taken to the script page, after successfully logging in and you can choose Mobile Legends Script (number 5).
  • A sending command will appear which is http://localhost:8080 to the hack target.
  • When the target hack enters the link you sent, a script display in the Termux application will appear and will ask the target to enter their email and account username.
  • Then enter the script or command below into the Termux application:
  • sh
  • After that input the number 3 then press enter and a display that you sent to the target in the form of email or ML account data will be displayed.

3. How to Hack ML Account via ID using Web Phishing

How to Hack ML Account via ID
How to Hack ML Account via ID using Web Phishing

Web phishing is a method where you will create a fake web page that is similar to a login page, for example the ML diamond reward page.

The purpose of making a phishing web is to trap potential hacked victims to be willing to write down the username and password for their ML account, guys.

The process of hacking an ML account using a phishing web is indeed quite long, guys, because you have to create a web page first, then the hack process can begin.

Here’s how to hack an ML account via ID using a phishing web that can be applied:

1. Create a Phishing Web Page

  • Please download the ML phishing web script via the following link (Download Phishing Web Script).
  • Then access the page through one of the browsers, just use Chrome.
  • After that, select the Get Started option and select a price of 0 on the page that appears.
  • Then select the Google login option and enter your email address.
  • Skip the entire web usage guide that appears, until an option or Create New Site button appears.
  • Fill in the required fields such as the name of the phishing web that you will create and the password used.
  • Then click the Create button> File Manager> select the ML account phishing script file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Press the Extract logo and the file will be divided then select the extracted folder and click the Open button.
  • Also select the file named email.php or set.php and click the Edit option.
  • Enter the email address in the file with your own email address guys.
  • To check the appearance of the ML phishing web, please visit the following link (Check Web Phishing).

2. Hack Process

  • After the phishing web link has been successfully created, you can directly send it to the victim or target of the ML account hack.
  • The form of the phishing link is as follows:
  • You just have to wait for the target to open the link that has been sent, to enter the Mobile Legends account data.
  • Please wait for the inbox that is sent to your email and contains the ML account data information that has been written by the hack target on the phishing web. For example, the account username and password.
  • If the target ML account data has been obtained, you can try logging into the account, so that it can be taken over, guys.

The final word

Those are some ways that can be applied, to hack a Mobile Legends account via ID guys.

You can try one by one the methods that we share, if you want to get maximum results, guys.

If you want it to be properly applied to carry out the hack process, it is recommended to use it wisely, so that no party is harmed.

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