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How to Hack Magic Cube FF 2022

How to Hack Magic Cube FF

How to Hack Magic Cube FF – Who doesn’t know the Free Fire game or what is commonly called FF. Free Fire’s gameplay is where all players are deployed by plane and must free fall.

Which is where the Free Fire game is getting more and more difficult, for that Garena itself is always kind enough to provide various conveniences so that you can win in matches.

There are various interesting features that can be utilized, one of which is the Magic Cube feature which can provide a rather rare Bundle Skin.

Later this Magic Cube will be a tool or payment method when you want to buy items at the Magic Shop Free Fire or FF.

And in this Magic Shop feature there will be lots of rare Bundles that are being hunted by players.

To be able to get these rare Bundles, you can exchange them using the Magic Cube feature.

Hmm maybe as a user there are those who ask, how do I find the Magic Cube?

Finding the Magic Cube is not as easy as you think, because the original feature of this Magic Cube is so difficult to get and you have to use a lot of Diamonds.

So in this article, we will discuss how to get a free Magic Cube that you can do.

For more details, please refer to the review directly for how to hack this Magic Cube FF to completion.

How to Hack Magic Cube FF

1. How to Hack Magic Cube FF By Joining the Picture Cube Event

How to Hack Magic Cube FF
How to Hack Magic Cube FF By Joining the Picture Cube Event

Where this first method can be done as a way to get a free Magic Cube FF, namely by participating in every Free Fire event that draws a cube.

How to hack Magic Cube FF by participating in this cube drawing event you have the opportunity to get a prize in the form of a Magic Cube Skin until the Magic Cube’s Fragment survives.

The trick, is enough to exchange 25 Diamond Free Fire that is owned with 1 spin.

Now if you want to get 5 spins or more, just click on the Diamond multiples.

After the Diamond has been successfully exchanged, you can immediately start drawing the cube, you know.

And the way to play is also the same as usual, just by drawing like a pattern on the Magic Cube.

If you are lucky, then you are entitled to get prizes that can be exchanged for various desired items.

Apart from drawing cubes, you can also participate in other Free Fire game events that are often held by Garena.

2. How to Hack Magic Cube FF Using the Diamond Royale Feature

How to Hack Magic Cube FF
How to Hack Magic Cube FF Using the Diamond Royale Feature

The second way to hack Magic Cube FF is to use the Diamond Royale feature which can be done easily.

How to get the Magic Cube in Diamond Royale, you will do a round or spin with prizes and there is no free lunch here.

Because there is a certain price that must be paid using Diamond or can also use Diamond Royale tickets.

And the price also varies depending on the spins made, the more you spin, the greater the chance to get the Magic Cube.

Note: Free Diamond Royale tickets (Up to 20 tickets) can be obtained by exchanging FF or Free Fire tokens at the Shop.

The final word

So, those are some ways to hack the Magic Cube Free Fire or FF that we have shared above.

How easy enough isn’t it to do? and certainly the above methods do not spend a lot of time.

However, to get the newest Magic Cube feature from the Free Fire game is indeed very difficult and not as easy as imagined.

If you want to get these features, then you can use one of the methods above.

If you think this information is important, then you can directly share it with your friends or to your social media accounts.

That’s the whole content of our discussion in this article about how to hack Magic Cube FF. Hope you find it useful.

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