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How to Hack ACC PUBG People 2022

How to Hack ACC PUBG People

How to Hack ACC PUBG People – PUBG games, especially the PUBG Mobile version, are one of the most popular games today.

The PUBG game is considered to have bewitched its users, so that they are increasingly addicted to playing the game.

For example, the more skin models and game themes offered, the more users are addicted to playing them.

However, playing the PUBG game is not as easy as imagined, especially if you want to be dubbed a sultan.

Because to become a sultan in the PUBG game, it takes perseverance, creativity and money, guys.

Well, that’s one of the main problems that gamers often face, where they don’t have the money to buy various skins.

Discussion on How to Hack PUBG ACC People

To solve this problem, some gamers use special methods or tricks, in order to take over someone else’s PUBG Sultan account.

If the trick is successful, they automatically no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy skins.

One of the tricks that is currently popular is taking someone else’s PUBG account by hacking.

For those of you who are still confused about how to hack, we recommend listening to the following review on how to hack PUBG ACC people until it’s finished, guys.

How to Hack ACC PUBG People

How to Hack PUBG ACC People with Phishing Websites

How to Hack ACC PUBG People
How to Hack PUBG ACC People with Phishing Websites

A phishing website is one of the tools that can be used to hack other people’s PUBG accounts, guys.

Here’s how to hack someone’s PUBG ACC with a phishing website:

1. Create a website for phishing

Creating a website for phishing is the first step how to hack ACC PUBG, so that the process of hacking the Sultan’s PUBG account can be carried out.

To create the website, you must prepare some equipment as below:

  • HP or PC
  • Internet connection either via data or wifi connection.
  • PUBG phishing script which can be downloaded via the following link (Download PUBG Phishing Script).

While the website used to hack the PUBG mobile phishing account is usually abbreviated as web phishing in the form of a website page. The page contains free UC, skins and more.

So, if at any time you get a link to the UC generator page or PUBG skin, then don’t be fooled.

Here’s how to create a phishing web:

  • You have to go to the 000webhost site via the following link (000webhost site).
  • Then create an account and immediately select the Create Your First Website or Ucgenerator menu, after the account has been successfully created.
  • Then fill in the column provided with the name of your phishing website, for example “free skinpubg”.
  • Continue the steps by pressing the Create button and you will be directed to a phishing web page then click the Upload Now option.
  • Select the PUBG phishing script file that was downloaded previously and select the Extract option, so that the file is divided into several new file sections.
  • Copy all the existing files and paste them into the public_html file then select the Change option.
  • Also click the public_html file and select the Select This option> select Close> select Move.
  • Replace the file called email.php and open the file and replace the existing email address with your email address.
  • For the last step, please click the Save & Close option.

2. Spreading PUBG phishing web links

After the phishing web has been created, you can start the process of how to hack the next person’s PUBG ACC, which is to hack by sending a phishing web link to the victim.

The phishing link can be sent via WhatsApp, email, SMS, FB messages and others.
While the phishing link that will be sent is as follows: example,

3. Login to someone else’s PUBG account as a result of phishing

The final step of how to hack this guy’s PUBG ACC is that you have to try to login to someone else’s PUBG sultan account, using the username and password that you got through the phishing process that was done earlier.

If you successfully log into the target’s PUBG account, then we make sure that the hack process that has been carried out was successful, guys.

But if you fail to log in, it’s possible that the target or account owner has been suspicious and immediately changed the PUBG account password.

The final word

That’s the way to hack someone else’s PUBG Sultan account ACC that you can learn and apply.

So that no party is harmed, we advise you to use this PUBG account hack method wisely.

For whatever reason, hacking is still not justified, because it violates the rules.

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