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How To Get Psycho Clown Free Fire Mask Skin 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest events with prizes and also very cool feature updates. Including How to Get the Psycho Clown Free Fire (FF) Mask Skin, turns out to be something that is very easy for us to know. Even for the presence of a Mask Skin like that, show your character who is quite barbaric in playing.

Moreover, there are still many events with prizes for playing this Free Fire game, so you also have to finish that. There are quite a number of challenges that appear on their own, even if it's quite exciting if you try it yourself in the game, for example.


Of course, by looking at the Free Fire 2022 May Update Event Schedule, it turns out that there are lots of new parts that appear in this game. So you have to follow every Mission and Event that already exists so that we won't be confused anymore to immediately play it.

Because with How to Get a Psycho Clown Free Fire (FF) Mask Skin, it is indeed very easy and we can try. All of that turns out to be giving the character's face a fierce look, then they're not afraid of what they're facing either.

How to Get Psycho Clown Free Fire (FF) Mask Skin

Enter the Free Fire Game

You must first enter the Free Fire game right now, so that you can immediately get quite a lot of prizes. Of course, with those of you who have signed in, we have time from May 25 to 31, 2022 to get the Mask.

Select the Event Tab and Top Up AAA Collaboration

For the presence of a Free Fire x AAA Collaboration, it turns out that we got a New Top Up Mission in the game. So for this collaboration to give gifts like that, there are some things that we can really accept from here.

Top Up 140 Diamonds to Get Psycho Clown Mask Skin

The player's mission is to Top Up only 140 Diamonds, to be able to immediately get the Psycho Clown Mask Skin prize. As a pretty obvious good gift, then this is something that is easy and we can have right now.

Always Top Up With Legal Way

My Esports never gets tired of reminding you to Top Up Legally. Because things like this definitely have an effect and can keep the account even more secure. Even from Top Up Through Codashop Free Fire, it turns out that this is also one of the safest.

Vault Feature Login Reward

After we successfully receive the gift, then just look at the Psycho Clown Mask in the Vault. That way you can immediately use it without hesitation and it looks cool.

Events with prizes like this have indeed appeared and you can finish them right away, have this new collaboration prize. Because it will look cooler when the female or male character uses a mask as a gift when competing.

It is certain that this way, you will not look ordinary when you are fighting enemies and also have different barbarian powers. Then also understand how to get the Ember Fist Free Fire Skin, so that later your punches will be stronger than before.

Because with How to Get a Psycho Clown Free Fire (FF) Mask Skin, because this way we will also have different strengths. Because with the appearance that already exists, it will certainly make players more interested in having gifts like this.

Then also try Free Fire Top Up Tips , because with these prizes you will give cool good things. So we can just try it, and have a mask that already exists today.

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