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How to get Jai's character in FF 2022

How to Get Jai Character in FF

Yups, as usual Garena often gives many events to its fans and will get lots of other interesting prizes.

Amazingly, you will be given and sometimes you can get permanent prizes from the Free Fire game.

Well, Jai’s character is a collaboration with a well-known Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan, therefore to provoke fans to get it immediately.

Of course, you will not be bored playing the Free Fire game, of course this game will be fun and will be more exciting with the new Jai character.

Enough with a skill that can reload, your weapon is 10% of the maximum mag capacity after you kill an enemy and will attract the attention of players.

Of course you are also curious about how to get the Jai character in FF very easily and for free, for more details, let’s see the following review.

How to Get Jai Character in FF

1. How to Get Jai Character in FF to Get Free Jai Budle

How to Get Jai Character in FF
How to Get Jai Character in FF to Get Free Jai Budle

Yups, surely you are curious right? How do you get Jai’s character in FF or can you get a Bundle of this character for free? So you won’t be curious anymore, let’s see.

In other countries, this #BeTheHero event is being played and of course in this event you can also get a Budle Jai costume prize.

From the occasion of the event, you only need to collect the Golden Magazine which you can get through a mission on Tab 13/9.

The method is quite easy, you only need to login to Free Fire on the date the event is held, now in Indonesia this character has not yet been released on our server.

Then maybe it will come out in the OB24 Update later, even Garena might give you an opportunity to get this Bundle for free.

You need to know, as previously leaked you have to complete several missions in order to get this Budle for free of course.

An event that is held and is already running on another server, then one of the countries is India which is the hometown of the Jai character.

2. How to Get Jai Character in FF by Updating OB24

How to Get Jai Character in FF
How to Get Jai Character in FF by Updating OB24

Well, just like the news that has been circulating, of course there are several articles that have leaked a lot about how to get the Jai character in FF on Patch OB24 later.

This OB24 update releases new characters, new pets, new weapons and many more that will come out to welcome FF players in Indonesia, of course. Well, as usual before playing the game, update it first to the server that will perform maintenance so that it can enter the latest update data.

Of all the latest features that will be released this time, you can try the Free Fire Advanced Server, now for those of you who are very curious and want to do exercises with Jai’s character, of course.

You can try it directly by logging into the Free Fire Advance Server to give it a try! Don’t forget to also visit via (SPIN Website) in order to find out more information.

The final word

What do you think about the explanation above, it’s very easy to open and get the Jai character, let’s hurry and get the Jai character directly

Certainly interesting because this is a very popular idol character in Bolloywood who is quite famous, namely Hrithik Roshan and makes your game quite interesting.

Guaranteed it will be fun playing FF games this time, let’s hurry before you miss Jai’s character in the game this time and let you get more excited about playing the game.

That’s the whole content of our article about how to get Jai character in FF 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck

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