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How To Get Free FF Diamonds Without Apps & With 2022 Apps

1. How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without Application

How to Get Free FF Diamonds
How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without Application

Well, for those of you who have a potato cellphone or don’t want to be complicated, in order to install a free FF diamond-producing application, please follow this method.

Here’s how to get Free Diamond FF without an application:

From all circles of public figures, youtubers, and gamers who are already well-known who often make giveaways for free FF diamonds.

For players who want to know how to get this free FF diamond, you can immediately follow social media accounts.

Some even start from Youtube, Facebook, or it could be through their Instagram account, maybe you can win the giveaway they made.

3. How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without an Application By Participating in Tournaments

FF players who have decent skills can take part in tournaments that have been organized by the Official Free Fire from other parties.

The prizes for this tournament are usually not just cash, but you will get free diamonds which are not small in number.

4. Via Web Points

You can get free FF diamonds that can still work in 2022, namely through the following special Web Points site link, namely Web Points.

The way to get free FF diamonds is to visit the site or complete existing missions.

In order to get points from these points, you can later exchange them directly for free FF diamonds.

5. How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without an Application By Shortening the Url at Duit.Cc

Actually, shortening the URL on does not directly get free FF diamonds.

However, you will be paid via credit which will be sent to the mobile number you are currently using.

From this credit, you will later do a free FF diamond to up, the method is quite easy, first prepare the URL.

Then share the URL to social media, the more you click on the URL, the more points you will get.

You can visit the website via the following link:

6. Via Earnator.Com

Maybe almost similar to web points, at you can get points first, by filling out offers and surveys that are already available.

If you have accumulated a lot of points, you can immediately exchange them for FF diamonds, UC, PUBG, Mobile Legend diamonds and how to get this free FF diamond.

You can visit the site link via the following:

2. How to Get Free FF Diamonds with Apps

How to Get Free FF Diamonds
How to Get Free FF Diamonds with Apps

In addition to the methods above, you can also get FF diamonds for free in several ways.

Just take a look at how to get free FF diamonds with the following applications:

1. How to Get Free FF Diamonds Through Google Opinion Rewards

The first way to get free FF diamonds is to fill out reviews and reviews on Google Opinion Rewards.
If you are able to fill out the review and also the survey, you will be able to get a Google Gift Card, which can later be used to buy Free Fire diamonds.

2. Wesing Application

From the special application for karaoke fans made by Tencent Music Entertainment, it is very proven that it can pay its users with money.

In order to be able to get paid through WeSing, you must be able to carry out its mission, namely singing, recording, or uploading to the application.

Download the WeSing App

You must also have a Paypal account in order to receive payments from WeSing, as this app pays users in dollars.

After that, the money you get from WeSing can be used to buy FF diamonds from trusted FF diamond sites.

3. How to Get Free FF Diamonds With the Pulkuis Application

4. Attapoll App

This application will pay you if you have successfully completed the survey that has been provided.

You can use this money to be able to top up Diamond FF or Free Fire.

5. How to Get Free FF Diamonds With Snack Video Applications

From the application that is currently viral, namely the video snack application and is currently recognized by the OJK or legal.

So you can use it to be able to get free FF diamonds very easily and quickly, please download and also install this application and get cash in cash.

You can even watch videos that are already available, from that money you can buy FF diamonds.

The final word

How to get this free Free Fire diamond can indeed be done, but not in a careless way using the application.

Because there are lots of risks that will be obtained, and the highest risk is starting from suspending accounts in FF games to getting banned devices

If you have special skills, then you can try participating in tournaments that are often held by FF officials.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to get free diamond FF without application and with application 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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