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How to Get Free Chrono FF Characters 2022

How to Get Chrono FF Characters for Free
How to get free FF chrono characters – Do you want to get Chrono characters in Free fire (FF) for free? Oh, maybe you already know that this phenomenal collaboration will happen in the current Free Fire game.

After you, collaborate with Anime Demon Slayer because Garena has chosen to collaborate again to welcome the big event.

The Operation Chrono event, which was already present in the OB25 Update, a few days ago had collaborated with the legendary soccer player, Christian Ronaldo.

It has been reported that CR7 will make him the Ambassador of the Free Fire game for this Operation Chrono event even before the event post came out.

Well, for those of you who don’t know this character, it will be the target of many people because it has a Time Turner Skill.

Even the character, this is of course very good and the price to buy it is rather hefty because luckily Garena is really very good.

You can get this chorono for free, so you can find out how to get a free FF chrono character, let’s see the explanation below.

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How to Get Chrono FF Characters for Free

1. How to Get a Free Chrono FF Character by Doing a Top Up Event

How to Get Chrono FF Characters for Free
How to Get Free Chrono FF Characters by Doing Top Up Events

Well, the way to get Chrono FF characters for free is that you have to play the upcoming To-up Event first.

From the Chrono character itself, it will be a prize in the To Up Free Fire Event, then you certainly won’t experience any losses in playing it.

Only by doing the To-Up itself for 100 Diamonds, you will get a character bonus.

So you can top-up immediately, on a date that has been determined by FF and you can have approximately 1 week to get the character.

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2. Free Fire Chrono Skills

How to Get Chrono FF Characters for Free
Free Fire Chrono Skills

In this Christiano Ronaldo character and Chrono character, you will be equipped with one of the skills, namely Tuned Shield, Chrono Skill.

In a Free Fire game, which has the ability and allows players to block damage or cause damage to the enemy.

Chrono’s character itself is divided into 4 levels as follows:

  • At the first level, Chrono is able to create a force field that can block 500 Damage from enemies from this speed skill, Chrono’s motion in FF will also increase by 15% with a cooldown time of 55 seconds.
  • Level 2, namely Skill with Chrono speed will increase by 20% in a cooldown time of 54 seconds.
  • Level 3, where Chrono’s speed will increase by 5% to 25%.
  • At level 4, the speed of the Chrono character itself becomes 30%.

The final word

That’s the way to get Chrono FF characters for free, by taking advantage of these To Up events.

You can get it easily, by way of collaboration between Free Fire and world-class soccer players like Christian Ronaldo, of course.

With the collaboration with Christian Ronaldo, this can attract your attention, of course for FF players, it’s very exciting, isn’t it.

Play with your idol, the world football character Christian Ronaldo, let’s get this chrono character for free and it’s really easy.

That’s the content of our entire discussion in this article about how to get Chrono FF characters for free 2022. Hopefully it’s useful and good luck.

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