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How to Empty FF Nickname 2022

How to Empty FF Nicknames

How to Empty FF Nicknames – Who doesn’t want to have a nickname or name in the Free Fire game in the form of blank spaces, so that they are not visible.

What’s more, generally nicknames are only decorated with logos or emojis, there are even some people who want to use an empty nickname and seem without a name.

Maybe there are several reasons why it happened, whether it’s just wanting to look different from other people so that it seems mysterious from an empty name.

Curious about how to use an empty nickname? What’s more, Free Fire game players can’t wait to try this empty name.

For more details, in this article, we will share how to use an empty FF nickname, of course, you see the following reviews.

How to Empty FF Nicknames

1. How to Empty FF Nicknames with Empty Spaces

How to Empty FF Nicknames
How to Empty FF Nicknames with Empty Spaces

For this empty FF nickname method, if you are playing with other people in the Free Fire game, of course, the first thing someone else sees is the nickname.

Because the nickname is one of the distinguishing identities between one player and another, besides that it is not uncommon for players to use symbols so that the nickname is more different.

However, there are lots of players who want to have empty names, so it seems as if they don’t use names but it’s a shame if changing or changing names is not free.

The reason is that you have to pay 390 Diamonds, but if you already have more enough Diamonds to change the Free Fire name, maybe you can try the tips below.

But before going into these tips there is a way to change the name of Free Fire with a blank space, of course you can try to copy the blank nickname as follows.

Here are the steps to replace empty namespaces:

  • Please copy one of the blank space names provided above, then paste it repeatedly until you find a blank space guide that has not been used by other players.
  • Then you open the Free Fire game.
  • Then you click the Free Fire profile at the top left corner.
  • After that you click the logo like a pencil under the profile photo.
  • Next you paste the name of the blank space that has been copied.
  • The last stage, please pay to change the name of Free Fire with 390 Diamond.

2. How to Empty FF Nicknames with Applications

How to Empty FF Nicknames
How to Empty FF Nicknames with Applications

If the empty FF nickname method above can’t be done, please try using a symbol provider application, for example Unicode Pad which is available for free via the following link (Download Unicode Pad for Android) / (Download Unicode Pad for iPhone).

After you download it, please look for the number “3138” in the column provided on the right side if there will be a lot of logos, including one that looks empty.

In this case, you can see column 3138 and the logo won’t be visible in the red circle, in the screenshot in the Unicode pad application above.

After that you click the blank code, if you want to combine it with other symbols then you copy and paste it into your Free Fire nickname column.

3. The Risk of Using an Empty FF Nickname

How to Empty FF Nicknames
The Risk of Using an Empty FF Nickname

Not only is the FF nickname empty, you also have to know the risks of using the FF name with blank spaces which will potentially be reported by other players to Garena.

Because other players can think you are a cheater, you know, of course you know for yourself that Garena is very strict when it comes to using cheats.

It could be that your account gets banned, because it says a lot of cheaters like to use empty names like this and cheaters generally use empty names to hide their identities.

So that they don’t get caught, that’s why we really don’t recommend using an empty name, in this case the method above can’t be done.

Because Garena itself has changed the system, if the nickname of the blank space has been used by some people with different lengths and combinations.

The final word

That’s the explanation that we have conveyed to you, of course you can use this method in terms of changing the FF nickname to blank.

You can even choose one of the ways we have mentioned, but you must have quite a lot of Diamonds, you know.

However, there is a risk, if you change the FF nickname, it’s empty because if you change it, you will be mistaken for a chater by Garena.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to empty FF nickname. That’s all and good luck.

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