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How to Defeat Hero Wanwan and Counter

Wanwan is a new hero in Mobile Legends who has quite complete skills. She has skill dash, immuneand of course tank killer. It is possible that this oriental hero will become a subscriber banned in the near future.

This marksman hero is indeed quite enough overpower gang. Because he has unlimited dash skills and of course has immune skills which will make him very difficult to handle.

Now in this article, Mimin TeknoGeng will give a few tips and tricks to counter Wanwan Mobile Legends. Let’s see the review below.

How to Counter Wanwan

Actually the most dangerous of Wanwan are passive skills and ultimate. However, these two skills have a fairly complicated mechanism. Even the ultimate skill can’t be used if it can’t attack everyone weakness enemy.

1. Avoid the 4 Weaknesses

His own passive skill which will give weakness (weak point) on enemy heroes. There are 4 weak points on the opponent, namely front, back, left and right sides. While the ultimate skill cannot be used if we do not succeed in attacking all the target’s weak points.

From here, of course you already know how to fight Wanwan right? Yes, one of the best ways is not to let you get 4 weakness at once. After we are hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses, you should retreat so that the ultimate cannot be used.

2. Use High DPS Hero

Wanwan is a marksman who relies heavily on skills, especially passive and ultimate skills. Without these two skills, Wanwan is not an OP hero. But basic attack Wanwan in late game still scary gang.

The main problem is that the enemy will retreat after being hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses, so Wanwan can’t issue her ultimate skill. Therefore, Wanwan will lose to heroes who have setun for example, Bruno, Moskov etc

3. Fight with Burt Damage Tall

The main weakness of the marksman hero is having thin blood, so it is very easy to die. Especially if it’s been hit Crowd Control. But even though both of them can run.

However, this skill 2 has a fairly short duration and is not immune to damage. Therefore he will still be exposed to damage while using this skill. With this weakness, Wanwan will lose to a hero type one shot kill

Hero Counter Wanwan

After knowing all of Wanwan’s weaknesses, now we can know what kind of heroes can defeat Wanwan. The following are some heroes that we can use to counter Wanwan Mobile Legends.

1. All Heroes Assassin

Wanwan is very weak against all heroes assassin. Wanwan is not easy to hit the 4 Weaknesses because they have very agile movements. In addition, assassin heroes have burst damage high, so it can be very easy to do one shot kill to Wanwan. You can use Gusion, Hayabusa, and Ling to defeat Wanwan so easily.

2. Eudora & Aurora

These two heroes are indeed famous as mages locker best to date. Eudora and Aurora are quite effective to use against agile heroes like Gusion, Fanny, including Wanwan. Not only that, these two mages also have high burst damage. Both of them could easily do a one shot kill to Wanwan.

3. Harley

Harley is a mage who has assassin abilities. Because he is very agile and has high burst damage. By using a combination of Harley’s 1st and 3rd skills, it is quite easy to kill Wanwan. While the second skill we can use to approach him and run away.

4. Lolita

Lolita’s second skill will make her immune to basic attacks. That way he won’t be easy to get hit by Wanwan’s weakness. Even Wanwan’s ultimate skill will not work against Lolita because this skill is considered a basic attack, not a skill. Author riza Kurniawan

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