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How to Counter Kimmy in Mobile Legends

The figure of a double Mage Marksman with the characteristic of Contra shots, Kimmy is being loved by Mobile Legends players. As a result, such an attacking style is capable of dealing extremely high damage per second.

The main move, Energy Transformation, is a combination of physical and magic attacks that can crush any hero as hard as possible in a short time. It’s hard to ward off a hero as agile and sick as Kimmy, many players try to catch up but die silly because they fall within the radius of his streak of fire.

Well, to prepare yourself against Kimmy, consider the following heroes.

– Belerick

Starting from the figure of a tank, Belerick is the best hero to fight Kimmy. Especially skills Flower of Life which gives a counter attack of 50 magic damage plus 2% of Belerick’s total HP. Don’t worry you die first, with the fortification of his ultimate, Nature’s Shield which is able to absorb and reduce incoming attacks by 40%, Kimmy is guaranteed to think twice about facing you.

To catch up with Kimmy’s agility, Belerick is also equipped with Power of Nature. Briefly increases movement speed by 40%, deals damage and stops Kimmy’s movement ability for 1.2 seconds. Prioritize buying items that increase blood as well as strengthen magic and physical defense such as Sky Guardian Helmet, Immortality and Dominance Ice.

– Eudora

Instant kill is an alternative way of eliminating Kimmy. Eudora is famous for his ability to kill opponents in one combo, Kimmy is no exception. But what you need is good positioning and the ability to see gaps to catch Kimmy because usually Kimmy is quite far behind and protected with his allies.

Itemization needn’t be weird with equip standard as Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive so priority. But you can vary with shoes like Rapid Boots to be more agile or Arcane Boots for magic penetration.

– Harley

If Eudora is less agile for your portion, then Harley is a suitable hero. With Space Escape , Harley has the ability to get in and out of battle, killing Kimmy quickly using her easier positioning abilities. For someone like Kimmy who doesn’t have extraordinary resilience, one time Deadly Magic with Poker Trick right on target guaranteed Kimmy’s life was lost.

Harley also doesn’t need to be afraid of crashing into the turret to catch Kimmy because of the absence of a disable. The best way is to do the verse once with Space Escape, aim the Poket Trick as well as possible to provoke the escape skill or battle spell (flicker/sprint) and then back off again. Observe Kimmy’s positioning and launch the same attack but with Deadly Magic this time.

– Hayabusa

Of the assassins, Hayabusa is the deadliest for Kimmy. Lightning-fast movement, Kimmy who was stranded alone should be able to fall prey to Ougi: Shadow Kill. When things go bad, it’s easy for Haya to escape with Quad Shadows.

But don’t be too obvious to let go QuadShadows, Try the enemy does not anticipate the direction of your escape. Hayabusa needs a good laning phase, balanced by rotation of every available ultimate. Don’t be too eager to get a kill, do your best with your ultimate then keep your distance until there are enough items to kill Kimmy in one combo.

Those are some of the best Kimmy counters, esports friends, of course you can fight Kimmy with any hero, but some of the options above were chosen based on considerations of 1 on 1 battle scenarios and playing experience. Author riza Kurniawan

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