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How to Counter Cecilion Mobile Legends

As a new Hero, Cecilion is indeed quite overpowered (OP). All thanks to the combination poke damage which is painful and quite good HP regeneration. He has also become one of the most feared Heroes until he has become a subscriber tire even though it was just released.

In this article, RIZA will provide a list of heroes that can be used to perform counter against Cecilion. Hero counter These are arranged according to their abilities, strengths, and fighting styles which are very suitable for fighting this Vampire Hero.

1. Baxia

Baxia can be an option counter which is quite suitable. The reason is, Baxia can aim directly and stick to Cecilion’s movements quickly. This ability makes him unable to maximize skills 1 – Bat Impact – which is ranged.

In addition, Baxia can reduce the HP regeneration ability of skills Cecilion’s ultimate thanks to the ability to reduce the opponent’s HP regeneration rate by 30%. This reduction can be a big capital to conquer the Hero Mage. Moreover, Baxia also has skills Shield Unite that can paralyze enemies.

2. Harith

As the pre-eminent Mage, Harith is one of Cecilion’s toughest opponents. Both of them are considered to have a large Magical Damage. However, Herith is favored for his ability to reach and lock enemy movements.

Harith is equipped with dodge abilities thanks to the combination skills – Chrono Dash and Age of Force which makes it quite difficult to catch. That’s why Cecilion would find it very difficult to direct skills – Bat Impact to attack Harith.

In addition, Harith also has Magical Damage which is high enough to finish off his enemies quickly. Especially if he has activated Ulti – Age Force. Cooldown from skills His 1’s and 2’s will also decrease so he can spam skills.

3. Helcurt

Helcurt can indeed be called one of the top class “kidnappers”. This Hero Assassin has the ability to catch enemies quickly. In addition, Helcurt also has a high level of Burst Damage to finish off the opponent quickly. As a damage dealer, Helcurt is considered very effective. He can finish off the enemy and disappear quickly.

To Cecilion, Helcurt was a very annoying natural enemy. The reason is, in addition to having speed and damage very high, Helcurt has the ability silence which can be deactivated skills the enemy has for a few seconds. That’s why, in general, Helcurt is the perfect choice to do counter to Cecilion.

5. Chou

Chou was destined to be a disabler and a true initiator. Two tasks that come with the pack skills which supports. In terms of playing style, Chou is considered very vital in the composition of the team. Its role will greatly determine the momentum and execution of the game.

As a Hero poke, Cecilion would have a hard time dealing with Chou. Because Chou was able to find an opening to approach Cecilion’s position and kidnap him with skills – The Way of Dragons. Besides, the vampire would also have a hard time aiming his attacks at Chou because skills Shunpo which makes it agile and immune to negative effects.


Aldous was a natural match for Cecilion. If the Vampire could do stack for Magical Damage, Aldous can also do stack for Physical Damage. The Hero Fighter can have very high Physical Damage in phase late game.

Once Aldous is allowed to get “fat” in late game, even Cecilion would have a hard time fighting it. You see, Aldos
p have skills Ulti that allows him to lock the enemy and fly directly to the target. Once hit with skills 1, Cecilion is guaranteed to die instantly.

On the other hand, Aldous also has a relatively good defensive ability as a way of surviving from enemy attacks. Because he has skills passive and skills 2 which both produce shield and immunity damage. Author riza Kurniawan

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