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How to Change Name in PUBG 2022

How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG – This PUBG Mobile online game is undeniably able to compete with the popularity of the Mobile Legends online game.

Yes, because there are so many people who have tried to play this one game and as a result they are addicted to the point where they can’t escape.

This Battle Royale genre game is not only successful on the PC platform, but also Mobile games have recently been getting more and more features.

So it is undeniable that so many people have started playing this inline game.

PUBG is a battle royal game that has been worldwide and is also included in the battle royal game that is played a lot.

Apart from presenting very interesting gameplay, the graphics provided by this online game are also very realistic.

Changing a game account name has always been a feature in some competitive games.

This is because people will feel bored with the name they have been using.

And maybe they want to use the same name as their team to make it look like they are quite a professional team.

So how do you change the nickname or name in this PUBG Mobile game account very easily?

For how easy it is, you just need to follow the steps that we will provide in this discussion.

And what’s more, the method is very easy for you to follow, already curious about how to do it?

And this is a very easy review on how to change your name in PUBG that you can follow.

How to Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG Easily

How to Change Name in PUBG
How to Change Name in PUBG Easily

Nicknames in a game are the identities of those players, this PUBG Mobile game has also provided a feature to change account names.

This feature can really help players who want to change their account names more easily, this PUBG Mobile game is a game that is played by a lot of people.

To be able to change the name in this PUBG Mobile game account, you must first have the rename card.

And go straight to the steps on how to change the name in PUBG very easily below:

  • Please turn on your Smartphone.
  • Then open the PUBG Mobile online game application.
  • After that, click the Inventory menu at the bottom.
  • Then select the Crate icon located on the right side of the screen.
  • Next select the Rename Card option, then click the Use button to use it.
  • Next enter the name of the new account you want to use.
  • Then select it, then click OK.
  • The PUBG account name can only be changed once a day.
  • Done.

Those are the steps that you can follow to change the account name in the PUBG Mobile game very easily.

The final word

Thus the discussion on how to change the name and nickname in the PUBG Mobile game account using the latest method.

Hopefully with this information it can help all of you who are confused about how to change your name in PUBG.

And also don’t forget to always support our site continuously, by sharing it with those closest to you.

That’s the whole content of our review in this article about how to change name in PUBG. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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