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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version Confirmed To Support Ultrawide Monitors!

Horizon Zero Dawn confirmed to support ultrawide monitors

The latest news came Recently from Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition or version PCThe point is that the game will later support ultrawide monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio. So, you can experience a wider playing experience with the “Super Wide” screen.

That is also true, with confirmation by one of the developers Guerrilla Games. At first one user Steam on the Discussion forum on the Steam page asking about whether to support Ultrawide monitors like Death Stranding since they run the same machine. And finally one of the developers named Anne then confirmed that the first screenshot on the Store Page was indeed taken from the monitor ultrawide version PC-his.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Steam

Well, although now Horizon Zero Dawn is no longer a PlayStation 4 exclusive game and has been launched to the PC platform, of course this has reaped the pros and cons for PS4 gamers over the decision. Guerrilla Games as the developer who did the porting. Even so, maybe you will be happy with the following move that recently the Asseto Corsa Competizione PC Exclusive Game will be ready to be released for PlayStation 4 Console and Xbox One on 23 June.

So, how are you GameZero friends? Are you guys looking forward to playing it on the “Super Wide” Monitor later?

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