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Hideo Kojima admits he doesn't like the name 'Director's Cut'

Recently, Hideo Kojima has announced Death Stranding for PlayStation 5 called Director’s Cut. This next-gen version of Death Stranding will later present various new features and content in it.

One month later, through this month’s State of Play event, Hideo Kojima again shared new information regarding the Director’s Cut. Players will certainly find the visuals better, and can play the game at 60fps in Performance mode.

Difference between Director’s Cut film and game

Furthermore, this Director’s Cut will also come with a variety of new content which includes stories, bosses and more. Death Stranding PlayStastion 5 version will also come with a variety of equipment and a racing mode.

Via account Twitter Officially, Hideo Kojima admitted that he actually didn’t like the name Director’s Cut. In the film, this naming indicates that the new content added was not initially approved by the executives.

Where the director does not have full control of his creation. But this is certainly different from the game industry. Hideo Kojima explained that this naming made it seem as if the director didn’t have full control over the creation.

Hideo Kojima doesn’t like this name

It is known that this certainly did not happen while Hideo Kojima was developing Death Stranding. In the gaming industry, Director’s Cut itself is a game re-release with extra extra content in it.

Therefore, Hideo Kojima considers that this naming is certainly not appropriate. Meanwhile, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is scheduled to be released on September 24 for PlayStation 5.

Finally, Death Stranding is now available for you to play on PlayStation 4 and PC. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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