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Hero Carmilla Mobile Legends, Over Power Support Hero

Support hero users get good news because Moonton has released a new hero with quite sick damage. This new hero called Carmilla has a row of skills that produce painful combos.

Carmilla was born in House Ansaac within Castle Aberleen. He was the only child of Earl Anssac who was a respected noble.


The problem came when the Earl betrothed Carmilla to Baron Tawil, a general of the Imperial army for the sake of political power. Whereas previously Carmilla had loved Cecilion, a handsome man of the Blood Demon species. When going to be matched, Carmilla commits suicide and is revived by Cecilion so that he transforms into a Blood Demon who is feared by the opponent. Even though she has quite low Durability and Offense, Carmilla’s Ability Effect is so high that the combo of her skills is guaranteed to be super high.

Here’s a row of skills possessed by Alice:

1. Vampire Pact (passive skill)


Aura from Carmilla will steal 3-6 Physical and Magic Damage from enemies at the same time can also deal damage to them. Each target can have its Physical and Magic Defense stolen only once in 5 seconds. The stolen Physical and Magic Defense can be stacked up to 5 times and lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Crimson Flower (skill one)


When this skill is active, Carmilla increases her Movement Speed ​​by 25 percent and summons 2 Crimson Flowers that revolve around her for 5 seconds. Opponents hit by the Crimson Flower will receive 75 (+40 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and receive a 30 percent Slow for 0.8 seconds. Meanwhile, the rotating speed of the Crimson Flower will increase.

3. Bloodbath


Carmilla collects Bloodbath Energy which can increase Movement Speed ​​by 45 percent for 3.5 seconds.

When clicked again, the hero can stun the opponent.

4. Curse of Blood (Ultimate skill)


Ultimate owned by Carmilla is quite painful and inconvenient because it will hit and bind up to 4 hero targets at once.

Carmila will throw the Curse of Blood in the specified direction according to the direction of the arrow you choose.

Curse will spread from hit enemies to nearby enemy heroes, dealing 300 (+120 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and slowing them by 35 percent for 5 seconds.

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