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Here, Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile Ala Bang Alex

If you like watching Indonesian gamers play PUBG while sharing tips, you definitely know the YouTube channel Bang Alex PUBG mobile. One of gamer The most popular Indonesian whose name has recently been increasing, Bang Alex is famous for his relaxed and friendly communication style and various tips for playing pubg for various levels of players, including beginners.

Never heard of? Come on, get to know Bang Alex and learn a few tips from him so you can join in gamer top.

Bang Alex’s Profile

pubg review bro alex

This PUBG player from Jakarta whose real name is Imanuel Danang is indeed a big fan games. Besides PUBG, Bang Alex also regularly plays CSGO and Dota. He doesn’t even hesitate to try out new games that are currently popular, for example Auto Chess. For Bang Alex, there is no game he won’t try.

It turns out that Bang Alex’s toughness in playing comes from his family who often buys him games. Playing routine Mario Bros on Nintendo every morning before school continued until Bang Alex discovered GTA in high school and Dota in college. Bang Alex worked for two years as a website developer before deciding to try to become a YouTuber games because it was inspired by similar videos.

Throughout 2022, Bang Alex failed to achieve view for the videos, so I was desperate and had no income. Bang Alex just started his success when he recorded a video of himself and some friends playing PUBG PC while having funny chats. Bang Alex began to achieve success until he switched to PUBG mobile which began to shift the popularity of the PC version.

Now, Bang Alex has successfully won more than three million subscribers. The characteristics of the content are clearly visible from the combination of humorous communication plus tips for playing pubg. Although he has no intention of entering the ranks of Indonesian pro players, Bang Alex is now happy because he has succeeded in achieving the results of his efforts.

Tips for Bang Alex to Develop Channels Gaming

bang alex pubg

Want to be successful Bang Alex PUBG on your own YouTube channel? Bang Alex shared lessons from his experience of building a YouTube channel to become popular.

  1. Not easily give up
    Bang Alex was initially tempted by the income streamer successful games on YouTube that reach hundreds of millions of rupiah per month, but it was not instant. Bang Alex had to struggle for almost a year to build his channel, even getting frustrated because almost no one watched his videos.
  2. Find Your Characteristics
    The most successful YouTube channels usually have characteristics. In the case of Bang Alex, the hallmark is the game plus conversation which is relaxed, full of humor, but still informative. Make sure you develop your own character so that your channel can capture subscribers loyal who really like your style.
  3. Try to have a side income
    Despite quitting his job, Bang Alex continues to do freelance work while building a YouTube channel. You can dream, but don’t forget to make a financial plan so that you can survive as long as your channel isn’t crowded. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to invest capital. upgrade equipment such as cameras and lights. Also make sure you communicate in a friendly and polite manner to the audience even when you are joking.

Bang Alex’s Control Basics

pubg mobile tips bro alex

One content PUBG Bang Alex review The most popular are the basic tips of the game. PUBG control settings are the tips most beginners are looking for. Here are some you can emulate:

  1. Keep the Sensitivity Level Stable
    Don’t change the camera sensitivity setting too often! Bang Alex’s “recipe” is 80 percent for TPP, 56 percent for FPP, and 80 percent for camera. On the other hand, Bang Alex doesn’t change the sensitivity of the gyroscope at all.
  2. Adjust Sensitivity with scope
    Since you will be using a lot of scopes, make sure the sensitivity level is set according to your individual settings. Bang Alex voted 80 percent for No Scope TPP, 70 percent for No Scope FPP, and 35 percent for RDS + Holo.
  3. Make HUD Controls More Ergonomic
    Move some of the important buttons to the right (or left, if you’re left-handed). Put the Peek button (Peek) near Aim (Aim) and Shoot (Shoot).

Shooting Tips (Aim) For Beginner Players

pubg mobile aim tips

Tips for PUBG Mobile Bang Alex another that is quite popular is how to get chicken dinner aka aiming tips (aim). Here are some of them.

  1. Find Your Own Weapon Sensitivity
    In the previous section, Bang Alex gave an example of the sensitivity percentage for adjusting the controls. However, when it comes to shooting, you have to find your own sensitivity. This is because playing on phones, tablets and computers feels different.
  2. Choose Weapon Recoil Low
    Since the choice of weapons for beginners is still limited, it’s best to choose the one recoil low for a better shot. The M416 and UMP9, for example, are light recoil weapons but are accurate enough for long-range shots.
  3. Exercise Stop, scopeand Flick
    Familiarize yourself with Stop (pauses to aim), scope (directing the shot), and Flick (changes shots quickly). You have to get used to switching between the three in order to quickly determine a strategy.

Bang Alex’s Favorite PUBG Weapon

pubg mobile guns

Finally, what weapon should you choose as a beginner?

M416 is Bang Alex’s ultimate weapon for novice players. In addition to being good for long and close shooting, the M4 has recoil lightweight so it won’t mess up your shot. Other options with similar characteristics are UMP9 and SCAR-L. Both are great for medium, close, and long range.

If you want to use a gun sniperselect the automatic mini version, not from the type bolt action. This is because bolt action must be cocked every time you shoot, thus interfering with the frequency of play. You can fail to hit the target if you are not used to it.

Bang Alex may not be a pro player yet, but you can learn from him to develop your channel games you. tips on playing pubg from bang alex will also make you better at playing, especially if you want to achieve similar achievements on YouTube.

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