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Here's How to Get Hayato FF, Free!

Last July 29th, the one shared by Garena when updates the magnitude is the characters Luqueta and Hayato. Hayato “Firebrand” gets an Awakening version that is more stable than the previous version. With skills the new Art of Blades, there must be a lot here who want to try to use Hayato FF new version. That’s why many want to know how to get Hayato in FF for free. Before discussing, we first know the advantages and disadvantages of this character.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hayato FF

how to get hayato on ff for free

Not only does he look cool, Hayato also has abilities that are not kidding. As a descendant of a samurai family, Hayato’s strength lies in his sacrifice. This is why this character is suitable for use as bait when playing in a team; with a note, others must be ready cover and perform ranged attacks when needed. While in solo or duo games, opponents really have to be wary of skills passive this character.

In short, here are Hayato’s strengths:

Skills Passive: Bushido

This is skills mainstay Hayato FF and that makes it strong. The more HP or blood thins, damage the resulting character will be stronger. When the blood decreases by 10%, the penetration armor Hayato will increase by 7.5%, increase again at level 2 to 8%, at level 3 to 8.5%, at level 4 to 4%, then get Fist of Flame at level 5.

Penetration armor will continue to increase to 9.5% at level 6, and will get the Life of Hayato Banner at level 7. In conclusion, the opponent must be careful because the more attacked, Hayato will actually give more attacks barbaric.

Skills New to Awakening: Art of Blades

In the Awakening version, Hayato got skills The new one is Art of Blades. This skill allowed Hayato to reduce damage obtained when attacked. At level 1, this skill blocks 35% total damage for 6 seconds with 50 seconds time cool down. That way, Art of Blades is suitable for use at the beginning of the game because it makes the enemy tired at the beginning.

Here’s How to Get Hayato Free Fire

how to get free hayato characters

You could say, Hayato is one of the most difficult characters to get. If you want to buy it, the price can reach 499 Diamonds which you can buy at UniPin. Even so, those of you who are willing to spend money to buy will also not regret seeing Hayato’s almost invincible abilities.

However, there’s nothing wrong with you knowing how how to get free Hayato character. Starting on August 22, 2022 which coincides with anniversary 3 years of Free Fire, often held events who gave Hayato free. Complete missions in events can indeed be one how to get Hayato on FF for free. However, you have to know what the tricks are in order to win at events. Imagine, your rivals will come from various levels and characters.

Want to Join the Event? Pay Attention To This

how to get hayato on ff

Garena free fire events usually held when there is a certain event. Besides events play together, FF also often holds events discount and watch the game. Well, while watching this match you can get a code that can be redeemed and used for your character. For that, you should be diligent in looking for information on the official Free Fire social media to find out updates latest about events. For those of you who are reluctant to spend money on top up and buy characters, weapons or skins, events could be a way out.

Tips for Winning Free Fire Events

hayato free fire character

For free fire events in games, Usually you will be given a certain mission. You can redeem the reward if the mission has been fulfilled. Depending on the mode you’re playing in, here are some tips you need to keep in mind when playing:

1. Practice Squad in Classic Clash Squad Mode

Because it doesn’t reduce stars and ranks, you should take advantage of the Classic Clash Squad mode as a place to practice. You will get to know your teammates and strategize. As already mentioned, Hayato himself is good for bait. Unlike other characters who have to save HP and blood, Hayato is even stronger when he is attacked. Classic mode is also appropriate for completing missions so you can redeem the desired reward.

2. Increase Sensitivity Touch Screen on Mobile

For those of you who play at mobile, seems to increase the sensitivity of the screen to be a trick to try. This makes you responsive in moving while attacking the enemy. If you use an emulator, of course it will be more difficult to control it. So, don’t be surprised if you see a character who is silent when attacking because maybe he uses an emulator like BlueStack on PC.

3. No Need to Spend Time on Costumes

Indeed, costumes can make your character even cooler. But remember, Free Fire is a Battle Royale game or survival, not war. So, the clothes you put on the character will have no effect. Do the character’s outfit settings when you’re free or don’t have any missions.

If you already know how to get Hayato in FF and find events If the right thing is right, you can start practicing so you can master this samurai character. First, don’t get carried away by its ability to turn enemy attacks into strength. If you don’t pay attention to HP and blood, you can run out first. If you play solo, obviously you will lose, but if you play in a duo or squad, better choose a team that can backup from afar.

Here are the tips for playing Hayato FF that you can use:

  • do not panic. When you’re new to Hayato, you’re definitely not used to it. For example, by rushing to use Medkit when HP drops. In fact, when HP drops that’s Hayato’s strength getting fiercer, especially if his level is already high. This advantage can also make Hayato suitable to play 1v1.
  • Use melee weapons. Melee, shotgun, assault rifle free fire and a gun can be a weapon of choice because close combat is Hayato’s forte. The enemy will be more intimidated by the power of Bushido and the right melee weapon.

Having a Hayato FF character can make you Booyah every time. Therefore, many players are willing to take out Diamonds and join events in order to get Hayato. From now on, try updates keep on about events to get Hayato FF for free!

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