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Here's How to Download Point Blank on a Laptop and Tips for Playing It For Beginners

There are many things you can do to kill free time: travel, watch your favorite movies, to play games. The last option can be the best option for those of you who like challenges. One of games that can be played to fill spare time is Point Blank. Not familiar with the name is not it?

That’s right, Point Blank is known as one of the games on line most popular in Indonesia. Present since 2009, Point Blank carries the genre first-person shooter (FPS) which is played via a PC or laptop. To enjoy it, follow the guide method download Point Blank on Laptop the following.

The difference Full Client, Partial Client, and Patch Manual

how to download pb on laptop

Before sharing how to download PB on a laptop, first you need to know, what is the difference between full client, partial clientand patch manual. For full client and partial clientthe difference lies in the size files and how install-his.

So, first make sure how the quality of the internet you are using. If the connection is too slow or experiencing frequent power outages, it is better to choose partial client. Partial clients consists of several files small size and can be downloaded in stages. For example too much files that must be downloaded, you can still continue the next day without restarting from the beginning.

Temporary full client only consists of one files only, but the size is so big. That’s why if the internet connection is less stable, download full client will be detrimental, because you have to start from the beginning if you fail download due to a disconnected internet connection.

The second difference is how toinstall-his. Process install full client tends to be more practical, because it can be done in one go click on files which has been downloaded. This is in contrast to the version partial client which seems complicated, because you need to unify between files before doing the installation.

How about version patch manual? Manual patch is a PB installation that you can use to get the latest version of games the. For example, there are additional point blank characters, weapons, or folderthen to get it you candownload manual version patches.

How to Download Point Blank on a Laptop

how to install point blank on laptop

After knowing the difference full clients, partial clients, and patch manual, now the user is ready to download the game. Well, how the hell how to download point blank on laptop? Follow the guide below, come on!

  • Open
  • Select the Game Download menu
  • There are 3 versions to choose from, namely: full clients, partial clients, or patch manual. Please select the version you want.
  • Click Download Here
  • When the process download successful, continue to process install game

Following how to install PB on laptop that you can practice.

  • Perform extraction filesthen click PointBlankInstall.exe click Next
  • Press the I Agree button
  • Select a folder to save the installation results. Usually files will be saved in C:\Zepetto\PointBlank click Install
  • Wait a few moments until the process install done
  • If successful, click Done. Point Blank is ready to play

One more thing that players need before starting their adventure, which is to create an account. Considering that Point Blank had changed its shade from Garena to Zepetto, users who already had a previous account also needed to do a new registration. Here’s how to do it.

  • Visit
  • Select the Registration button located in the upper right corner
  • Please register using a Facebook account or fill in your personal data below, click Registry.
  • Registration is complete. Now you can use the account to play

Tips To Be Good at Playing Point Blank

how to download pb zapetto on laptop

Just playing Point Blank for the first time? In that case, you need to learn a few things first in order to master the game. What are some tips to be good at playing PB like a pro?

1. Find out the Characteristics of Each Weapon

Point Blank presents a variety of weapons, such as sniper rifle, shotgun, assault rifle, and sub-machine guns. Of the four weapons, each has different specifications. Learn and choose about which weapons you might master for battle.

2. Start with Learning to Aim

It is important to aim at the opponent correctly. As a beginner, you need to improve your shooting accuracy. Try practicing using mode training to fight bot first. After that continue to practice until the session Deathmatch in a more competitive arena.

3. Always Pay Attention to the Mini Map

While playing, pay attention to mini folder-his. In this way, the game can be more effective and efficient. Try not to move aimlessly, because it can harm your teammates.

Through the mini map, players can also see the enemy’s position. If you see an opponent who is injured, you can approach him to finish him off and scavenge weapons.

4. Keep Moving When Shooting

One of the tips to avoid the opponent’s shot is to keep moving, even when shooting. Keep jumping right or left until your opponent has trouble predicting your moves.

Although it looks easy, but this trick is quite difficult for the newbie. Usually if they keep moving, those with accuracy in their shots will be less precise. So, keep practicing until you master this one technique.

5. Set Number of Bullets

The last tip is to set the number of bullets. Avoid shooting blindly so that the bullets are not wasted. If you want to shoot enemies, make sure that they are in an area that can be reached with range our weapons. Reload bullets when the environment feels safe.

Here are the related reviews method download Point Blank on laptop to tips on playing PB for beginners.

Oh yes, one more important message for new players to join is never to do this cheats because it is a fraudulent act. Even by doing cheats the game becomes easier to win, but that method will not make you an expert like pro-gamer.

Another disadvantage is that more and more players do cheatsthen these conditions can make Point Blank closed.

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