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Here's a Comparison of the 5 Most Popular Android Final Fantasy Games

The eighth Final Fantasy is back in version remasteredmake it a game Final Fantasy Android latest. Comes as an upgrade from the controversial eighth version, games This Android FF presents an interesting comparison with its predecessors, including FF version XIII.

Interested in downloading the version remastered this? Read the short review first.

5 difference Final Fantasy Games Final

final fantasy x android

Final Fantasy VII Android considered as the beginning of the “success” of FF, starting from the seventh version which can be called as masterpiece although it still carries many shortcomings. This version becomes the benchmark for the development of the next version until it reaches the 15th version. This version is arguably an adjustment for a new generation of players who prefer to skip the boring aspects of the game.

Each FF series shows improvements such as world details, graphics, to the choice of game modes. Even though there are drawbacks like glitch on music, fans Final Fantasy continue to be pampered with the presence of new versions and remasteredespecially for those who want to play on modern consoles or devices mobile. The uniqueness of FF is that there is always something new in each version of the game, from characters, world details, to game methods.

For example, the seventh FF starts to show an interesting and emotional story even though the graphics still look old. The eighth series has beautiful graphics, although the storyline is a bit complicated. The ninth and tenth versions are considered the best versions because they combine what old players love from the early series as well as advancements in character, graphics, and story development.

Final Fantasy VII and VIII Reviews

final fantasy ix android

Final Fantasy VIII Androidthe version selected for the version remastered this year, is a continuation of the success of FF VII. After the popularity of the seventh version with gameplay as well as an interesting storyline, FF VIII seems to show that this game can look more interesting and trigger the emotional aspect of players.

Big difference Final Fantasy Android VII and VIII are gameplay. Both may have engaging graphics and stories, but gameplay on the eighth version is more complicated than before. Some changes to the gameplay method can be quite frustrating, such as the loss of launch ability spell easily just because you used up MP.

Uniquely, the eighth version is often considered to have lower quality than the versions before and after it. However, its potential is still visible from the developer’s courage to experiment in gameplay. This is what triggers the release of the version remastered to increase his prestige among new and old players.

Review Final Fantasy IX and X

final fantasy x android(1)

Final Fantasy IX Android reputed to be one of the best versions. Unlike other series that carry a futuristic world, the ninth version presents a world that is more inclined to have a fantasy feel, carrying the main character of a young wizard named Vivi. Various features such as visual and text references refer to the early series, so it’s kind of like fan service for old players.

The ninth version is also the last to use the ATB system battle systems, something previously identical to the series Final Fantasy. However, this does not detract from the fun of playing, as the ninth version successfully combines new and classic elements from the old version to please both new and old players.

How about Final Fantasy X Android? In addition to bringing memorable new characters such as Yuna and Auron, the tenth version brings changes such as an indicator for players who will attack you. Want to take advantage of the different team members’ skills to attack your opponent’s weaknesses? You can also swap fighters from your team easily. Choose fighters with specific skills to take on different opponents.

These two versions are considered part of the group Final Fantasy games the best or at least the most popular. However, how does it compare to Final Fantasy Android remastered latest?

is Final Fantasy Remastered Most Excellent?

final fantasy remastered

Final Fantasy remastered the latest released earlier this year carries the most criticized version of the entire series Final Fantasy Android, PS, and Xbox, which is the eighth series. Version remastered seeks to fix things that interfere with the gameplay and increase the risk of your player’s death. In general, Final Fantasy This latest Android has quite a lot of advantages, although there are some drawbacks as well.

Here are some of the advantages of the new FF VIII for Android.

1. Exciting Story

Version remastered still carries the story and exciting storyline which is the main advantage of the eighth series. Set in a science fiction world, you will follow the journey of a military cadet named Squall Leonheart. Your goal is to become a skilled SeeD, a fighter who can unleash magical powers with the help of the supernatural beings Guardian Forces.

2. Quality Control and Visuals

Playing comfort is not a problem in this latest version. In addition to graphics and audio which are quite good for the version mobile Android, the touch screen control system is quite sensitive and easy to play. Suitable for players who have to move agile and maneuver.

3. Extra Features to Keep Player’s “Life”

Final Fantasy Android VIII version remastered reduces the risk of losing a life by giving you three times more speed. There is also an option to turn off random encounters aka encounters with unknown characters who risk getting you killed.

Although it offers many advantages, this new version still has some drawbacks that might affect your enjoyment of playing. Gameplay The new Android version for FF VIII is a bit complicated and may not be suitable for beginners. Too much text-based information that can overwhelm players. In addition, there is no storage function cloud so players risk losing progress their game.


Version remastered from Final Fantasy VIII managed to inject advantages that cover the various shortcomings of the old version. Stunning storyline, quality graphics and audio, and a fairly easy control system make it a suitable choice Final Fantasy Your latest Android. Although there are drawbacks that make it less suitable for beginners, this new version of the game is still ideal for filling the time of true fans Final Fantasy.

Curious to prove it yourself? download Final Fantasy Android your favorite now and compare the quality with the one remastered!

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