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Here are the advantages of Hero Brody that you can use when playing Mobile Legends

One of hero which you can find at original server Mobile Legends is hero Brody. Paired as role Marksman, hero It has a special ability, namely Burst/Reap. Brody’s look is that of a resident of the South American area. In the game, he is known by the nickname The Lone Star.

Hero Brody is a ranged shooter who can do deadly attacks on opponents. His passive skill is moving when channeling. The enemy is afraid of hero This is because it can have an effect slow on a locked target.

Recognize the Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Brody

brody mlbb

Before playing hero Brody in games, it’s good you know what are the advantages. Thus, it will be easier to attack the enemy. Here’s the review.

1. Has a Stack Abyss Mark Mechanism

If Basic Attack or skills Brody hit the target, he can give stack Abyss Mark. Each stack collected will give a bonus damage for targets. In addition, Brody himself will get a Movement Speed ​​bonus. Stack can be collected up to four stack before being reused to produce damage.

2. Has a Lock-On and Charge Mechanism

One of the advantages hero Brody is featured lock-on then charge. This feature makes hero can hit the target even though the distance is quite far. Previously, hero can move in a safe direction first. Then, charge damage can be done without missing.

You can also combine it with stack Movement Speed ​​and extra damage which comes from Basic Attack. Don’t forget to use build items Windtalker. Items this can increase Attack Speed ​​on Brody Mobile Legend.

3. Damage is greater if there are more enemies

Killing a lot of enemies would be an advantage for hero Brody. This can happen because hero own skills Abyss Impact. With skills With this, Brody can kill enemies who are in a straight line at once. Damage the result is an effect slow down and 1 stack Abyss Mark.

Interestingly, the effect slow down and stack will increase if hit by an enemy who is behind another. Therefore, it is very important for you to pay attention to your position before attacking in order to get damage maximum.

4. Can Escape Easily

Another advantage possessed by hero Brody ML is related to skills both are Corrosive Strike. Skills this makes hero can create damage on the enemy, stunwhile producing 1 stack Abyss Mark. Then, when skills reused, Brody was able to escape.

Another advantage, hero got buff Movement Speed. So, skills Both Brody’s can be said to be very effective in attacking the enemy as well as dodging if they are attacked back.

5. Locking Multiple Enemies at Once

Another ability is to be able to lock several enemies at once. Brody is also free to move when using skills this so it’s safer in the middle war. Skills Ultimate hero Brody also has other advantages, namely range far away. Everywhere hero being, even while hiding in bushthe attack could definitely succeed.

Behind the advantages, there are also disadvantages possessed by hero Brody. Brody’s weakness is that it is difficult togank by the opposing team. Hero this can only rely on the Movement Speed ​​ability obtained after the enemy is hit damage.

Brody can also experience a high risk when using skills both twice to attack the enemy. This usually happens if you attack a high-level enemy. Therefore, always pay attention to the situation first before making an attack.

Best Build Recommendation for Hero Brody

brody build

In order to get the maximum in playing hero Brody in the game, do not forget to use build items right. Here are some recommendations that you should try.

Excess items this is can add stat namely +5% Movement Speed, +250 HP, +10 Cooldown Reduction, +25 Mana Regen, and +65 Physical Attack. The effects of Endles Battle will only be felt after hero use his abilities.

Build items next is Swift Boots. Superiority items this is can help hero to move more swiftly. If chased by an opponent, hero can dodge more quickly and not easily killed.

Besides that, you can also use Berserker’s Fury to hero Brody MLBB. His ability is to add +40 Critical Damage, +25 Critical Chance, and +65 Physical Attack. In addition, from Brody’s unique passive ability, namely Critical Hit, Brody can give a bigger attack in 2 seconds.

Malefic Roar is items next thing you have to have when playing hero Brody. Ability items this is to produce +60 Physical Attack and +40% Physical Penetration. If hero using Basic Attack, there will be a unique passive that is ignoring 20% ​​Turret Defense.

To maintain durabilityespecially in phase mid gameyou can use items Blade of Heptaseas. Items this can increase 70 Physical Attack and 250 HP. Besides that, hero will also get a Physical Penetration bonus. Passive ability of items this, namely Ambush, can add damage from Basic Attacks.

In the late phase gamesyou can use the Blade of Despair item. Items this can increase Movement Speed ​​and Physical Attack on hero. Passive ability of items this can be combined with skills Ultimate hero Brody and earn damage Very large.

Tips for Playing Hero Brody

Brody Mobile Legend

Not only complete build items for hero, you also need to know how to play properly. One of the things you need to do is attack your opponent with skills Ultimate moment stack already full. Hero will get stack when attacking an opponent, both from Basic Attack and skills which are owned.

The second tip is not wrong in choosing build items. A number of items can improve damage resulting from hero. Besides that, you also have to keep your distance from hero debuff which produces effect stun, for example Franco, Ruby, and Saber. This is one way to stay in the game.

With its many advantages, hero Brody is worth playing in games Mobile Legends. However, take advantage build items to increase its capabilities. Items can be obtained by exchanging diamonds that you have. You can get diamonds with top up on UniPin first. The method is very easy and practical. The payment methods also vary. May be useful.

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