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Here are the 5 Best META Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends! Games

META Tank is now getting more and more popular in Mobile Legends. Both in the public realm in classic and regular ranked modes, as well as competitive league scenes such as MPL, tank heroes are selling well and guaranteeing victory because they get lots of buffs in the latest Mobile Legends patch.

So, for those of you who want to push rank and all the fun in this fasting month, we have a recommendation for the five best heroes that you can use on your team during the META tank in Mobile Legends right now. anyone?

1. Hylos (Roamer)

In the Roamer Position, you can rely on Hylos who is famous for being strong in the early game. Playing using Hylos does feel boring because the path is slow, then having to roam up and down just becomes a walking bag, and there are no mechanics at all

But in the current META Tank, Hylos can be very useful as a roamer in the team. Thanks to thick HP, plus skill 2 which is quite annoying, you can play riot in the jungle without having to be afraid of being picked off in the early game

During the great battle, Hylos was also very helpful as a reliable initiator with his ultimate skill, Path Glory. This skill slows down enemy movements in the area and allows your jungler tank to enter and defeat the enemy.

2. Popol and Kupa (Goldlaner)

Do you remember Popol and Kupa when they were roamers? Even though they have been nerfed far from their HP, Popol and Kupa are listed as MMs with the thickest HP. To put it simply, this was because there was a Kupa figure in front of him.

Popol and Kupa are the right choice if you want to play to the fast and chaotic rhythm of META Tank

3. Baxia (Jungler)

Baxia is our choice as a jungler in the current META Tank. It’s very easy because Baxia has high mobility because he can move from one jungle or one lane to another just by using his 1st skill.

Especially if you use the Jungle Demon Slayer emblem. This emblem can increase damage to monsters, lords, and turtles by 20%, while reducing damage received from lords and turtles by 20%. Therefore, this emblem is very suitable for Jungler tanks, such as Baxia.

The thing that is no less interesting than Baxia is that he has slow effect and antiregen skills through his ultimate skill. This skill is certainly very useful in solving big battles, so heroes like MM and fighters will have a hard time.

4. Cecilion (Midlaner)

META tanks can be dominant in the early game, even so they still need a “guarantee” in the late game. You can count on Cecilion in this matter. If your tank messes up in front, Cecilion can be a scary damage dealer in the back

In addition, if you enter the late game, Cecilion has great damage that can make the enemy cry. However, Cecilion’s game must be careful by paying attention to his position so that the enemy does not easily reach him.

5. Grock (EXP Laner)

Grock as an EXP Laner is currently very popular in the MPL ID Season 9 event because it is used well by R7 from RRQ Hoshi. R7 is known to use the Marksman Master symbol on Grock which in the end made it a huge success

Emblem Weapon Master has the skill to increase the user’s Physical Attack strength by 15%. Grock whose damage is being buffed automatically becomes very “sick” by using the emblem.

In addition to his chaotic damage, Grock can be a reliable rioter who can be relied on in the early game. Quick minion quickly, then run to the enemy jungle will make the enemy jungler annoyed

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